Socialism Has Been Good to Him!

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Say, I missed this story from last August. So much was going on, this one just slid past me.

Senator Bernie Sanders, who campaigned for the Democrat presidential nomination as a crusader against income inequality, shortly after he finally dropped out of the race, paid some $600,000 to acquire a nice new lakefront home ( )–just for summer vacationing, mind you.

A spokesman for the social justice warrior candidate said the senator’s purchase of a third home doesn’t in the least “devalue his progressive beliefs.” The senator also owns homes in Vermont and Washington, D.C.

Why is it that no matter what kind of government the people sign up for, a country always winds up getting run by big shots who own several homes apiece? Voted for by a lot of people who don’t even own one home, let alone three or four. How is it that being the champion of the poor can make a man so rich?

If Robin Hood had robbed from the rich and talked about helping the poor, while keeping all the loot for himself and living really high on it… he would have been a Democrat.

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  1. This is what astounds me; why can’t people see that these people whom preach social justice do not live in accordance with their words?

    Liberal causes have become a form of branding. Starbucks is as corporate and impersonal as any other big company, but they have branded themselves as progressive, liberal and anti-establishment. Target is another big, impersonal corporation, but they brand themselves as progressives. This is nothing new, Hitler branded his National Socialists as being a party of the people, but they were in truth autocrats that destroyed Germany.

    Obama branded himself as a champion of the people, but in reality he did little (if anything) for the common man while he indulged himself and smirked at responsibility with a golf club in his hand. A friend recently told me that he and his wife, business owners, spend $2,000 per month for Obama’s “gift” of healthcare for everyone.

    I submit that it’s all a front. The so-called liberal/progressive block, in fact, do the exact things of which they accuse conservatives. Many years ago, my father nailed it, when reading a newspaper article about some Soviet rhetoric. He said that the purest Capitalists on earth were the leaders of the Soviet Union, and I agree.

    1. It’s like the Global Warming crowd–with their private jets and gigantic carbon footprints. They don’t believe a single word of what they’re selling.

    2. I once was held up in traffic, waiting for Al Gore’s motorcade. It didn’t look very “green” to me.

      Don’t get me wrong, I understand that the motorcade of the VP, be necessity, has to include secure, armored vehicles and include a dummy vehicle, the motorcade is as it is for very good reasons. But these people are attacking pickup trucks, which are an absolute necessity for farmers, and the other tools (vehicles, etc) which are necessary for tradesmen, small businesses and the like.

      Al Gore has good, valid reasons for his motorcade, but the rest of us tend to have reasons which are every bit as valid for the choices we make. I drive modest vehicles and almost every car I’ve ever owned has been economical. I don’t need regulations to enforce my choices, the free market gives me enough incentive to economize.

      More importantly, a truly free market gives me the freedom to choose what is best for my situation. Living in the countryside, a pickup is quite important, but I don’t need a large pickup. However, were I to become a concrete contractor, then I would probably need a larger truck, and I shouldn’t suffer some arbitrary penalty just because I have that need.

      The same applies to all sorts of situations, and the point here is that we need to freedom to operate according to our individual circumstances and should never have to justify such choices to the government, nor be penalized because we cross some arbitrary line.

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