No More Sweden

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I wanted to watch, this morning, a TV ad produced by a government-backed non-profit organization in Sweden. After all, American liberals have been guffawing at the notion that Sweden has any problem at all with Muslim immigration.

But the ad has been pulled. Can’t see it anymore.

The ad proclaimed that there is, for Sweden, “no way back. Sweden will never be what it was.” The ad urged Swedes to accept it and get used to it. ( ).

And down in France they’ve got a presidential candidate who says there’s no such thing as French culture, and in Germany a member of the legislature who says she can’t wait for Germans to become a minority in Germany.

Has God condemned the nations of Western Europe to suicide–or have they condemned themselves?

It seems they don’t even have enough faith left to justify mere survival. Is Marine Le Pen the only European leader who believes her country–France–has a right to exist?

There are more fools in the Western world surrendering to Islam than the Islamic world can handle.

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  1. I can’t be dogmatic about this, but the way I am seeing this, more and more, is that the world is being prepared for the appearance of the anti-Messiah, and it does seem like a death wish on the part of Europe and the U.S. Most perplexing to watch. It is amazing to see people accepting the lies of the enemy rather than search and find the truth.

  2. I can’t help but think that this is of deeper significance than meets the eye. God has a way of allowing those that oppose Him to become the implements of their own destruction.

    Over the last 100 years, Europe has gone from being primarily Christian to being primarily Godless. In recent years, the spiritual indifference of Europe has given way to something much more sinister, an open hostility towards people that worship the Creator. It’s not ubiquitous, but it is far more common than it was in the past.

    I don’t believe that God is cursing them, but if He removes His blessing problems will develop of their own initiative, and that seems to be happening before our eyes.

    I agree, Sweden, and the rest of the world will never return to the way things were, just a few years ago. No government program, no change in one’s point of view, is going to make a difference; there is a very difficult situation ahead.

    I believe this is related to the period of great tribulation prophesied by Jesus and alluded to in other prophecies. It’s not prudent to attempt to pinpoint just where we are in the process, but there seems to be a lot of tribulation already happening in some places. Time will tell.

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