This Bug’s Nickname: Cow Killer

Hi, Mr. Nature here with some more of God’s stuff: the velvet ant, aka “Cow Killer.” And before you get too cross with the guy who made this video, let me reassure you that it has a happy ending.

The velvet ant is actually a wingless wasp, not a real ant; and it has a stinger that would do any wasp proud. You would be extremely well advised not to pick one up in your bare hand. When you see the size of that sticker, you’ll understand how this bug got its nickname. It can’t actually kill a cow, but you don’t want to mess with it.

Cow killers live down South, and some of you are sure to be familiar with them. They prey on smaller bugs and otherwise do no harm. And you have to admit they have a nice color scheme.

There’s more to Creation than we will ever know.

6 comments on “This Bug’s Nickname: Cow Killer

  1. Although I’ve seen a number of these critters up close, thankfully, I’ve never experienced their sting. But the old timers in our area had horror stories about some of their livestock being stung by these velvet ants.

    I once spent about an hour outside watching one in the yard. The one I watched came from a little hole in the ground where it had apparently burrowed to make a nest. In person, they really do look like velvet; beautiful, but not a pretty bite!

  2. You are right, we will never be able to experience all of the Creator’s handiwork. I am constantly surprised with the creatures you come up with.

  3. Likewise. I never dreamed that there were cold-water amphibians (mudpuppy) or decoratively beautiful spiders, not to mention a bright red, wingless wasp.

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