Last Day of February

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Today I will be driving all around the county trying to round up paperwork for Aunt Joan’s continuing care, because she has run out of money–almost half a million dollars, all gone–and the government has to take over. Unless you cheat by dying earlier, everybody runs out of money.

I was hoping to get 6,000 views for this month, which I could easily do if it were 30 days long. But it’s not, and I’m still about 200 hits shy.

If you’d like to help me get there in spite of the calendar, I’d appreciate it–especially if you could get somebody to stop in who hasn’t visited before. Like I say, tell your friends about it.

And now, out the door for another dip in the ocean of bureaucracy…

5 comments on “Last Day of February

  1. Oh, I surely do not envy you today. I pray the Lord will favor you, over-rule any unjust rulings or opinions, and bless all your efforts. Your aunt is very fortunate to have you to help her.

  2. Amen, Erlene! I join in your prayer.

    Our government hard at work: we work and they muddy the waters. Their biggest job is to harass us into submission so that we give up, not to mention the continuous sucking sound made by the vacuum cleaning of our accounts. They cry and moan about saving the planet and yet use more paper to get so little done. Hypocrites!

  3. We are Praying for you and your family, for I know what you are going through. My husband and I are taking care of my mother who has stage 4 terminal cancer and we also have a wonderful daughter who is 13 and part of our Prayer team in our household. We are all she has for the rest of the family cannot be bothered by taking care of her. Very sad indeed but your aunt is very blessed to have you and all of us out here in internet land Praying to our Father for strength most of all…strength because it really is an emotional rollercoaster, good days and bad but Jesus will always restore us as we draw nearer to Him. God Bless you Brother and your articles and songs are very rewarding and uplifting to us who sometimes feel overwhelmed by all that is happening at rapid speed! Thank you Mr.Duigon thank you for being there. May God guide and give you strength. Shannon Brown.

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