Health Experts Get Food Poisoning

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Hi, everybody! Mr. Nature here, filling in for Lee with some of man’s stuff, instead of God’s stuff: the difference being God’s stuff always works, but ours only works sometimes.

News item from a ProMed email:

Nineteen employees of the Winnipeg Regional Health Assembly, at a conference held recently at St. Boniface Hospital, came down with… food poisoning! The event was an “internally catered lecture”–I think that means they got hospital food–and we are told the likely culprit was the sandwiches.

With the best will in the world, anything done by imperfect human beings cannot help going wrong from time to time–sometimes disastrously wrong. Happily, none of these poisoned employees died. And think how the patients at the hospital must have felt, if they heard about it. Bon appetite.

The moral of the story: Never, never, never entrust fallible and often sinful human beings with any more power than you can help giving them. It’s good to limit power with checks and balances!

18 comments on “Health Experts Get Food Poisoning

  1. Let me get this right, Mr. Nature. An institution which houses and care for sick people, including providing food, just gave food poisoning to a group of its employees by serving them from the same sources as the patient’s food. Boy, oh boy, I hope I don’t have to stay in the pest house (hospital) overnight.

  2. If they were aiming to instill confidence in their professional ability, I’d say they missed the mark just a tad.

    There’s a reason they don’t practice preventive medicine in this country and this seems as good an example as any 🙂

    1. Yes. Big Pharma doesn’t want to “prevent” or “cure” anything or anybody because it would cut into their profits.

  3. Yes, and remember it is in hospiitals that MRSA runs rampant. You can go in perfectly well, just visiting a loved one, and come out with a deadly virus. Please spare me.

    1. They lost me with the phrase “his corporate overlords.” Obama has only one overlord: Satan. Unless you count Soros, but that’s pretty much the same thing.

    2. Indeed. I never doubted who their overlord is. But it would be nice to see an actual revolt against Obama. It would be fun to watch Pelosi and Schumer sputter lol

  4. As I watch President Trump deliver his first State Of The Union Address, the camera landed on Nancy Pelosi – oh my goodness, what a despicable bitter hag! The expression on her face was priceless!

    1. I’ve heard that a life of indecency takes its toll on the countenance. One could easily come to the conclusion that this group of people are unable to conceal their true nature, no matter how much makeup and expensive clothing they apply to the task.

    2. Well, not to be unkind, but she’s evidently up to the task. Also, it may be time for her to go home. She was giving a speech in Ohio recently and thanked Governor Kasich from the “great state of Illinois”.

    3. The lib’s are truly a laughable crowd, these days. They are all but a parody of what they claim to be. It astounds me that anyone pays attention to their patter, they are discredited over and over again.

      One scripture has been running through my mind lately, 1 Cor 1:27 . . . God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong.

      I wonder if that time has come.

    4. It certainly would appear so. Their ‘logic’ is truly astonishing. One is hard-pressed to follow it – which I consider a blessing 🙂

  5. A blessing indeed. It seems like more and more people are coming under the delusion, from national level politicians to everyday people you meet on the street. It’s tough to deal with and I wouldn’t want to be in any of these poor folks shoes. If I ever start to follow their logic I’ll be quite concerned for my own well being.

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