Health Experts Get Food Poisoning

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Hi, everybody! Mr. Nature here, filling in for Lee with some of man’s stuff, instead of God’s stuff: the difference being God’s stuff always works, but ours only works sometimes.

News item from a ProMed email:

Nineteen employees of the Winnipeg Regional Health Assembly, at a conference held recently at St. Boniface Hospital, came down with… food poisoning! The event was an “internally catered lecture”–I think that means they got hospital food–and we are told the likely culprit was the sandwiches.

With the best will in the world, anything done by imperfect human beings cannot help going wrong from time to time–sometimes disastrously wrong. Happily, none of these poisoned employees died. And think how the patients at the hospital must have felt, if they heard about it. Bon appetite.

The moral of the story: Never, never, never entrust fallible and often sinful human beings with any more power than you can help giving them. It’s good to limit power with checks and balances!

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