From the Grotesque to the Absurd:’Trans’ Boy Wins Girls’ Wrestling Title

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“Is it a he, is it a she, or just a plain old it?” —Ray Bradbury, The Jar

Why do I insist on posting a hymn at the start of every blogging day?


Hey! A few days ago, a “trans boy”–that is, a girl who’s being shot up full of testosterone because she and her hell-bound parents say she’s actually a boy–won the girls’ wrestling championship for the state of Texas ( ). Note the slavish nooze media’s description of this deeply troubled individual: “born female and currently is transitioning to male.”

No, no, no. There is no such thing.

The lass says she wants to wrestle with the boys, but the state athletic authority won’t allow it. They go by the sex listed on your birth certificate. That listing, by the way, can be changed by court order. So now we’ll have judges ruling on the nature of reality. Hot dog.

Federal laws and regulations have almost wiped out high school and college wrestling programs by requiring that whatever is provided for boys, by way of sports, must be provided equally for girls. A universal lust for money has kept football exempt from this, but not wrestling. So if one girl wants to wrestle, the school must either create a girls’ wrestling program just for her, or else scrap wrestling altogether. Usually the latter course is chosen.

Consider the long-range implications of this bizarre doctrine. What about girls’ sports scholarships? The ideology of Gender Fluidity dictates that you are whatever you say you are, period. Ultimately, they won’t be able to stop some big hulking boy with a beard from winning a sports scholarship that should have gone to a girl–because he says he’s a girl, and no one’s allowed to say otherwise. That would be “hate.”

It’s no privilege to live in such an age as ours. They redefine reality according to the speaker, according to his or her political agenda. The truth is not in them.

O Lord our God! Remember, when you judge this nation, that these things were done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections.

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  1. Amen. We are grieved daily as we observe the unrighteousness around us, and pray for the return of the Lord to restore sanity and truth.

  2. It really has become in insult to our Creator. Mankind is in a fallen state and there are a lot of unhappy, confused people out there. I feel empathy for them, but that doesn’t mean that I want to share in their problem.

    One of the biggest changes that has happened with regard to this problem is that children that reveal such confusion to a teacher can be immediately caught up in a whirlwind of “social assistance”. I’ve heard horror stories of hormone therapy to delay puberty and even mutilating surgical procedures performed on children. These surgeries are a one-way trip, they can’t be reversed and I shudder to think that a child would be subjected to such a thing.

    It’s demonic to its very core.

  3. Here’s a debate Tucker Carlson had with a transgender ‘woman’ that left ‘her’ unable to answer his pointed legitimate questions:

  4. That’s pretty revealing. IOW, it comes down to seeking rights for a group of people for which there is no standardized legal definition. I’m no lawyer, thank God, but I have written some legally binding documents in my day and the very first thing you have to do is establish the identities of the parties involved and quite possibly the definitions of certain terms.

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