Cats ‘n’ Mirrors

We know cats are very intelligent animals. Who can deny it? (Besides dogs.) Nevertheless, the cats in these videos really don’t seem to have mirrors figured out. I’ve known lizards that had that problem.

WARNING: Contains images of fierce and menacing kittens; discretionary viewer participation is advised. Whatever that means!

3 comments on “Cats ‘n’ Mirrors

  1. Thanks, I needed that. After a day of frustration dealing with what I perceive as Microsoft’s lame excuse for LDAP, I was about to bang my head against a wall. The cats helped.

    It must be frustrating to spot a rival that matches you move for move in real time, can’t be intimidated and can’t be reached. This is the feline version of a horror movie about aliens with strange powers, until they forget about it and find something else to do. 🙂

    As you pointed out a few months ago, when kittens first learn to puff themselves up and be scary they find it all pretty exciting, so they frequently go into “scary kitty mode”. They seem to lead adventurous lives.

  2. Poor kitties 🙂 Some of them were really serious about the invaders! – pinned back ears, fur standing on end, tails puffed up – one even vocal about the whole problem. Wouldn’t you think that since cats have such a great sense of smell, they’d realize there was no unfamiliar scent? Mirrors are not cat friendly lol

    1. I think that may be the key. They probably realize, at some level, that there’s not another cat there, but what’s the fun in that?

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