Trumpt’s name Reely Is Hat Speech!

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I has sumthing elsse To “tell” yiu abote today But first i has been aksed to waygh in “on” weather Donold Trumpt’s his Name it “is” hat speech!

Wel of corset is!! Hear at my Collidge nobody istnt aloud To “say” his name And iff yiu do yiu got To “get” Sensertivitty Training! Yiu onely aloud to Say “Pressadint Obamma or” Pressadint Hillery becose them Rushans Thay hacked The elecktoin and made Donold trumpt Pressadint and “it” wassnt fare!!! and iff yiu Dont say “Pressadint Obamma” that meens yiu Are A Racist and iff yiu Dont say Pressadint Hillery that meens yiu hat Wimmins and yiu Are “a” Secksist! i am Gladd yiu aksed me “to” explane This!

This mourning in Gender Studies 202 we lernt abote This hear Grate Book and it was aslo A Movie it was caled “The” Harrad Exspearmint and It “was” abote Harrad Collidge whare They done this Exspearmint al abote teeching Stodents to do sexule things That “Sociaty” disprooves of so that Thay wil “laern” to dispise the tredicional Consept “of” Moonagimmy by Having Lots of Pre-Martyral Sex!! Wow was that Grate!! and The prefesser he sayed this hear book And “then” the Movie it reely got the Sexule Reverlution offf The growned!!

And somboddy he Aksed The prefesser How “come” we dont Doo that hear at Our Collidge and he sayed “Wee has moved” on From that and now Wee got to get al the stodents to do Gender Fluaditty and aslo Gay Marridge! becose that was whatt Naterly comes neckst! And he aslo sayed that if we does enuhgh Secks that Donold Trumpt he wil Be drived out Of offfice! and Pressadint Obamma he will be Pressadint agian even thogh he Still is and he Wil fixx evrything and then He Wil go play Golph and it Wil “be” Hillerys tern to be Pressidint!!  How abote that!!!

I hoope yiu ordrinary dum peple apareciates The haigh-class Thinking “us” Interllecturals we are Doing for Yiu hear “at” collidge!

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  1. There’s one thing, Joe Collidge . . . I do hope you can find a mate with antenners 🙂

    Meanwhile, President Trump already trumped Hil-liary!

  2. Such hate speech, Linda. 🙂

    What a trip. I remember when that stupid movie was all the rage, back in the ’70s. It probably wouldn’t even be noticed among today’s cable TV fare.

    Something that really puzzles me, is how similar these times are to the social conditions of the late sixties and into the early seventies. The late sixties were a time of tumult and overturning of moral standards. It seems that this calmed down somewhat in the ’80s, but it’s back again with ferocity and hatred for anyone that lives according to moral standards.

    It has to be Satanic/demonic in origin, but that doesn’t explain why there seemed to be a degree of relief from this nonsense, back in the ’80s. Was it because the nation had elected a true conservative and his leadership was enough to at least stem the tide? I dunno, but I wish I did. I am relatively certain that much what happens in our realm reflects events in the spirit realm, but that is unprovable for any human.

    1. Well don’t know where I was because I’ve never even heard of that movie lol Maybe that’s a good thing 🙂

    2. It was absolute garbage from the ’70s. I never saw it, but it raised quite a stir. The upshot was that, even when people tried to have multiple relationships without commitment, they naturally formed bonds and couldn’t live that way.

      Hmmm, you could figure that out more easily if you read Genesis 2:24 “For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh”, but I guess that the highly educated of this world prefer to learn the hard way. 🙂

      Anyhow, I think that it was sort of a “thing” for people to say that they had seen it and I remember it making quite a splash at the time. What is funny, laughable really, is that there is nothing new under the sun. In the 40+ years since that movie was current, people have continued to seek out immoral lifestyles and they continue to reap as they have sewn. All the “freedom” they promised has only led to misery.

    3. They are all chasing a utopian fantasy, but it never turns out the way they planned. They are essentially trying to return to Eden, but without God, and it fails every time. But they refuse to learn from the past, instead they will say something like it just hasn’t been done right before. Yea, that’s because their conception of doing it “right” is unattainable.

      I’ve never heard of the film you mentioned, but the ending you described is quiet telling. The Left keeps trying to reinvent the wheel so to speak, and change the order that God has put in place, but it always fails miserably. There have been people in the United States in the 19th and 20th century who have tried to have communes where they tried to replace the nuclear family with a collective family, basically Communism. Without exception they never lasted long. Without the construct of marriage, there is little incentive for parents to stick around to raise their children, and they certainly have no interest in raising someones else children.

      I don’t think the Left fully understands why they are doing the things they are doing. They seem intent on destroying social norms for no apparent reasons, without any regard to the consequences. Marriage is the bedrock of any society, yet they seem intent on redefining it. But if marriage can mean anything to anyone, then it no longer means nothing. And there is no reason to believe once it is redefined, it wont continue to be redefined. They may not understand what they are doing, but we do. The reason is spiritual, and at it’s core it’s Satanic. Satan always tries to pervert what God has designed.

    4. I think you hit on something when you mentioned trying to get back to Eden. We don’t really know what it must’ve been like, before the fall, but we all yearn for something that is missing in our fallen world.

      Before the fall, apparently it would’ve been completely natural for a person to choose a mate and stick with that person from then on. It wasn’t about a big ceremony, it was a completely natural arrangement which would bring stability to human society. Step outside of the natural arrangement and the results are predictably negative.

      The Left just want to defy the natural order. Satan lures people away from the True God by promising freedom. Of course the freedom isn’t really freedom at all, because sin itself becomes the master.

      Fifty years ago, STDs were quite rare and most children lived with both parents. Since then, marriage has become less fashionable and, tragically, divorce rates have skyrocketed. Many claim that they are liberated from the “shackles” of marriage, but in reality, they are shackled to something far less desirable, they are prisoners of their own misdeeds.

    1. Yes, and for Jesus to be a ‘kick back middle easterner’ and the Holy Spirit to be a female. UGH! Danger! Danger! And accepting of all religions and persuasions. So many will likely see it and think it’s just wonderful.

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