If a Cat Answers, Hang Up

All the animals in this video are as smart as paint, but my favorite is the cat who hears a phone ring and promptly tries to answer it. “Hello! This is the call-back you requested [Editor’s note: a lie] after viewing our TV commercial for our patented Acme Nose Hair remover!” Answer: “Meow.”

3 comments on “If a Cat Answers, Hang Up

  1. When I see videos like this, I’m struck by the guiless nature of animals. They are pure of motive and do whatever needs to be done without complaint. If a bird has to turn a crank with its beak in order to get a treat, then that’s what it does. There’s no hemming or hawing about.

    The ferret want to scale the fence and the dog’s back is available, so it goes for it. The phone makes a noise and cats tend to not like distraction. Knocking the phone off the hook ends the noise, so that’s what the cat does.

    Every time I deal with my cat, I am dealing with a pure heart that is never deceptive about its wants. She wants food, water (preferably, in the humidifier’s overflow pan), a clean litter box and a little attention from me. If I put a hard roll on a plate and walk away, she’ll make a beeline for the butter on the roll, but she never attempts to conceal the fact, she just helps herself. It’s a very honest relationship. I wish all people were so honest.

    1. Our old cat Henry understood what a telephone was for, and he would get upset if it rang and, for some reason you can probably imagine, I didn’t answer it.
      I would love, just for a day, to see the world as a cat sees it.

    2. “I would love, just for a day, to see the world as a cat sees it.”

      Me too. I’ve had cats off and on for over fifty years now, and I never cease to be fascinated by them. There are former friends that I never think about anymore, but I remember my cats.

      When God made these creatures, He had to have known how much we would enjoy their company and come to love them. More than that, they are probably the closest we can get to having a truly wild predator as a pet. With the exception of a handful of researchers, most of us can never observe a lion, tiger, etc. as it goes about the business of its life, but we can see the feline mind in operation when we have a domestic cat in the house.

      Besides that, they are strikingly beautiful.

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