God Has Many Ways of Loving Us

For those who haven’t seen this video, which Linda has shared with us in a comment, or who can’t get the link to work, here it is for everybody.

Watch the baby’s smile unfold like a flower. Seriously–if you were creating the heavens and the earth, in God’s place, would you have ever thought of giving us animals to love, that love us in return? How many eons would have drifted by, before we thought of that? But God did!

That kitten’s love, and God’s love, will bless that baby all his life.

One comment on “God Has Many Ways of Loving Us”

  1. It’s kinds hard to explain the contents of that video as resulting from blind, undirected evolution, but it’s quite easy to understand them as the works of a loving Creator. That kitten wants to be there. It’s visiting the baby. A video like that is enough to send Joe Collidge sprinting for the Pla Doh and a “safe space” in which to use it. 🙂

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