Liberal Logic 101

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Welcome to Introduction to Left-Wing Logic. Here you will learn at least 90% of what you will eventually say.

Today’s lesson: an example.

Conservatives turn people against us by reminding them that Democrats booed God at their 2012 national convention, and have lately booed and heckled both  the opening prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance at smaller meetings. How do we counter that?


Step One: Deny. Employ such sharp ripostes as “Never happened!” “That’s a lie!” “That video was edited!” “The Russians hacked the video!” Remember, there is no such thing as “truth,” or “a fact.” There is only whatever helps us to gain power, and whatever doesn’t help.

Step Two: Personal attack. You must discredit the speaker. Employ such unanswerable epithets as “Racist!” “Knotsy!” “Fascist!” “Biggit!” “Hater!” There are many you can use. Many conservatives will give up and slink away. Most Republicans will. They just can’t stand up to our rage.

But, in case neither Step One nor Step Two, or both of them together, suffice to win the argument…

Step Three: Riot. You are entitled to injure the persons and destroy the property of anyone who dares to disagree with you. This is how democracy gets done in America.

This set of procedures should be adequate for any disagreement you might conceivably encounter.

And if all else fails, Step Four: Reach for the Play-Doh.

5 comments on “Liberal Logic 101

  1. Think about it. People that employ such tactics cannot succeed in the long run. They are mired in their own PC rhetoric and slaves because of it. They cannot do thing without making a token offering to their idols, climate change, acceptance of any and every behavior, kowtowing to every special interest group and appearing to be so incredibly open minded that they would defend a child molester, rather than admit that they disapprove of anything.

    This world is the Kingdom of Satan and these are his servants, spreading his message of absolute permissiveness. It will fall in ruins, and it would appear that this is happening before our eyes.

  2. It is indeed happening. Can’t you see satan in the background, pulling the strings of his puppets, laughing his guts out at their stupidity, strutting around in front of his demons and saying, watch me demons, this is the way it is done, now get in the game.

  3. There has been no further evidence of a problem since the prayers began.
    I am rejoicing, thanking our Father, while at the same time, not getting over confident just yet. I know the Lord is working in his life, but years of experience have taught me not to become presumptious, but remain in
    prayer with thanksgiving.
    Thank you for asking. All your prayers are deeply appreciated.

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