Today’s Hymn, ‘This Is My Father’s World’

Here the sun is shining brightly on a smooth blanket of pure white snow, under an azure sky streaked with cottony clouds: this is my Father’s world.

I’ve been posting a hymn every day now for a year–or is it nearer two years?–and it seems to be that I’m more moved by them, emotionally, instead of less  I find the sky and the snow more moving, too, along with everything else out there: my Father’s handiwork, all of which speaks softly, “God is nigh.” And I know they speak truth: I can feel it.

You feel it, too, don’t you? And if only we knew how to express it!

2 comments on “Today’s Hymn, ‘This Is My Father’s World’

  1. Yes, so many things make me feel the presence of our Father, but strangely, everything leaves me more and more hungry for more of HIM.
    If i don’t get a special time with Him every day, listening to worship songs,
    it dampens my day.

  2. There is little to compare with the beauty of a clear blue sky over fresh snow. Obviously our Creator knew what He was doing when He made this beautiful world.

    Snowy mornings are a rarity in these parts and I miss them.

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