It Still Ain’t Workin’

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I hate computers.

See that stupid little box up there? That was supposed to be a picture. Well, suddenly I can’t have any pictures, the computer refuses to handle them. That’s in addition to Facebook still not working. Nope, no referrals coming in from there. Two strikes on me before I can even get out of the dugout.

I hate computers.

And then, lo and behold, when I actually publish the post, the picture is there. I give up. This machine is in revolt against me.

9 comments on “It Still Ain’t Workin’

  1. As a man whom works with computers, creates all sorts of servers, etc. may I say a huge AMEN!

    Computers have become too complex. There are limitless features to every web site, everything we touch, and this complexity breeds unreliability. Someday, I expect that a major software vendor will push out an ill-conceived update and we’ll see major problems. This also applies to social media, etc. There’s just too much info floating around out there and someday it’s going to bite us hard.

  2. I see a picture! (Car stuck in mud, right?) You never know what’s going to happen next with these machines. — the computers, I mean, not the cars stuck in mud.

  3. I’m with you, Lee. Computers can be very difficult – one could almost say obstinate if they were alive (and I’m not entirely convinced that they’re not lol).

    Mine does ridiculous things – like make diagonal streaks through pages where there should be print, refuses to copy and paste sometimes, freezes, skips, even somehow forces my antvirus software to shut down now and then – on and on it goes.

    When I watch my little 2 1/2 year old granddaughter on her tablet or a smart phone, I’m amazed!

    One word of caution – when your wheels are stuck in the mud, don’t spin them 🙂

    1. There I’m at a loss too. I don’t have a facebook account and don’t even go on the site so I couldn’t imagine what issues they have. But I do hope someone figures out what’s wrong.

    2. Well, my webmaster doesn’t know, she couldn’t find anything wrong–except, of course, the fact that I’ve got bupkus referrals. Facebook is a big chunk of my traffic, and I hate to see my work get hamstrung by something I can’t understand, let alone do anything about.

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