Now Available in Kindle: ‘The Throne’

Well, here it is–The Throne in Kindle format. So much for shipping costs!

In fact, I think it’s free if you’ve got Kindle Unlimited. I don’t, so please don’t ask me how that works. I still can’t even get back my Facebook referrals.

Anyway, all the Bell Mountain characters, except for the few I’ve had to kill off in earlier books, are present and accounted for–Jack and Ellayne, King Ryons, Wytt, Helki the Rod, Ysbott the Snake, Lord Chutt, Martis, Fnaa and all the rest–along with some new ones whom I hope you’ll enjoy reading about. I enjoyed writing about them. Yergen, the toughest man in Obann City. Bassas, commanding Lord Chutt’s Wallekki bodyguard while trying to salvage his honor. You get the idea.

And…who’s going to be the first to submit an Customer Review for this baby? I hope it’s a good one!

8 comments on “Now Available in Kindle: ‘The Throne’

  1. I may not be the first to review it, because I’m not that far in the series yet, but I may have been the first to buy it on Kindle. Thanks for writing these.

  2. Lee, what are the chances of your agent getting the books into major library consortiums? I’d like to read them all, but I’m very limited now in how many books I can buy, since I just downsized into a much smaller space and gave away all but 1,000 books of my 4,500-volume library, plus most of my bookcases. With almost no expansion space available, I now have to limit my book purchases severely. Assuming I can find room for two of the books, and obviously the first in the series is a must, which other book do you recommend until I can get the others at the library? (Hint, hint: Columbus, Ohio, libraries.) I once had a Kindle, but I found reading tedious that way, and I’m not even sure where I put the thing when I moved, or whether it still works.

    1. Phoebe, I don’t have an agent. In fact, I can’t get my hometown library to stock my books–even if I give them copies. I suppose you could ask someone, at what whatever library you use, that they stock my books. Also, some libraries are in an inter-library computer system. If your library is, they can order you a book from another library that has it.

      I think you’d want to read “The Cellar Beneath the Cellar” next, because it’s the second book in the series.

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