Another High-Tech Pipe Dream

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Hey, boys ‘n’ girls! Wouldn’t it be just absolutely great if we could, like, merge ourselves with some computer, and be funnier and sexier and probably immortal, too?

Google’s director of engineering is pushing this: implant computers inside our brains and hook us all up to the cloud for “a complete merging of human and computer intelligence” by the year 2029 ( ).

More like a complete merging of human and computer stupidity, you mean.

Setting aside the question of a little coven of mad scientists and even madder politicians using implanted computers to control everybody’s thoughts and actions–the holy grail of left-wing secularism–who in his right mind wants to be as big a jackass as his computer? Have you seen the capers my computer has gotten up to lately?

Mr. Google sounds like he needs to get out more. A lot more.

But I think if we were to consult Our Lord, He would tell us, “Fear them not.” Wait’ll they merge Mr. Google’s brain with a computer and he winds up forgetting everything and compulsively thrusting his head into the toilet bowl. Hmm, seems to be a little glitch in the computer… And if you happen to be doing anything tricky when they decide you need an update, forget about it.

Thanks (I think) to Linda for the news tip.

7 comments on “Another High-Tech Pipe Dream

  1. Just think – all people connected and unable to escape! At least with the computer sitting separately on a table, we can shut it down and walk away from the worldwide web. How do you disconnect and walk away from an implanted device? Mark of the beast anyone? Technology is at once a boon and a bane – and may be terrifying!

  2. They can’t even make web browsers that work reliably across platforms. Every computer or computerized device with which I deal seems to require updates almost continually at this point. Meanwhile, computer viruses and malware become ever more of a threat. One of the latest is an attachment that encrypts all of your documents, which can only be unencrypted if you pay a ransom to the developer.

    If some person were to be so foolish as to allow a computer to implanted with connections to their brain, at least in theory that person could become susceptible to malware, etc. These people may think that they are clever, but they are toying with the very definitions of life itself.

    I don’t want to be connected to the cloud, at any time. I’m up to my neck with constant email, constant interruptions, and all of the not-so-fun aspects of life in the connected world. I can remember the very day the invention of the microprocessor was announced to the world. I also remember that life in those days was far less plagued with distractions and endless demands upon one’s time.

    Computers are wonderful tools and can be used for much good. They are fantastic at many tasks, form the core of modern telephone systems, help your car’s engine operate efficiently and have made medical testing much more effective.

    Unfortunately, a lot of people have allowed computers to overwhelm their lives. Social media can become a burden. Likewise for text messages which frequently seem to arrive when you are driving an unable to safely read them, not to mention reply. Imagine if this garbage was wired into your brain and you could never ignore it.

    1. LOL – only if you watch TV. The left is already infected with malware.

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