Man Wins Women’s Weight-Lifting Tournament

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A liberal woman

In another installment of PC liberal crapola’s war on reality, a 39-year-old man has won the women’s Australian International weight-lifting tournament ( ).

This is not a woman but a man who says he’s a woman. “Same as! Same as!” howl the libs. And note the way the slavish nooze media uses female pronouns for this man–who, by the way, used to compete in men’s weight-lifting tournaments.

Male and female created He them–Genesis 1:27. Libs ‘n’ progs, who want to sit themselves in God’s chair, have a real problem with that. Liars, and servants of the Father of Lies, they deny there’s any such thing as truth. And are trying to build a world on the absence of truth.

But there already is a world like that. It’s called Hell.

4 comments on “Man Wins Women’s Weight-Lifting Tournament

  1. Let’s see … for college students to dress up as Mexicans or Eskimos for Halloween is “cultural appropriation” and is banned. But for a man to “dress up” as a woman via drugs and implants (or just a statement of how he “feels,” plus some feminine clothing) is “gender equality,” even if it makes sports competition decidedly UNequal for the participating women.

    And for a man to give information to a woman is “mansplaining,” and is reviled as sexism, i.e., gender inequality. But for a man to overpower women in a sports event simply by claiming a right to be considered a woman is, again, gender equality.

    George Orwell called this kind of thing doublethink.

  2. Wow! If I self-identify as a 5 year old, I could win every arm wrestling contest on the playground. Look at me, I’m a hero! 🙂

    What kind of society would allow biological males to compete in contests of strength with biological females? I think I have the answer, a depraved society would do that.

  3. Not surprising – but disturbing and disgusting. The nations of this world will soon be shocked at the judgment about to be imposed – well deserved judgment.

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