Gore: Global Warming Caused Brexit

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Former Vice President Al Gore, who washed out of divinity school, has no more scientific background than your cat, and refuses to debate, now says Global Warming aka Man-Made Climate Change aka B.S. caused both Brexit and the Syrian civil war ( http://www.breitbart.com/video/2017/03/23/al-gore-global-warming-principal-cause-syrian-civil-war-brexit/ ).

Global Warming also caused Wanda Schlumpf to grow a mustache and Jasper Facehead to misplace his riding mower owner’s manual.

Gore, whose alarmist campaign has made him a gazillionaire, says the only way we can survive–or, sometimes, the only way to Save The Planet–is to set up a world government and give it absolute power over even the most minute and intimate details of our lives. Oh, and we should also give it all our money. Otherwise we’re all gonna die.

Brexit couldn’t possibly have been caused by lots of people in Britain resenting the European Union’s high-handed rules and regulations and the London elite’s obsession with becoming Citizens Of The World. Heavens no. Nor could the Syrian civil war have had anything to do with an inherently unstable, artificially constructed state finally cracking up because competing groups of homicidal maniacs couldn’t decide which of them ought to have the right to massacre the others. And certainly the imbecility of EU satraps inviting hordes of Muslim “refugees”–almost all of them able-bodied men of military age–into their countries to raise cane has nothing whatever to do with it, so help me Gore…

Nope–it’s all just some kind of global climatic determinism–

Wait, stop, I’m getting sick. I can’t stand much more of this. When this bag of crap explodes, watch out!

5 comments on “Gore: Global Warming Caused Brexit

  1. So, then, everything that’s happened in the world since The Great Depression is NOT the fault of Obama and Hillary Clinton but it’s been the fault of global warming??

    1. Give that man a cigar! Like Trump, I now feel vindicated!

  2. “When this bag of crap explodes, watch out!”

    I think you may not have long to wait. There has been some serious action in Syria of late involving Syria, Russia, the U.S. and Israel. Turkey is never far from the situation and Iran is involved to some degree. Let’s see, six nation’s vying for their own interests in an area smaller than South Dakota; what could possibly go wrong?

    I have heard the opinion that the war in Syria amounts to the opening stages of WW III and I wouldn’t be surprised if that proves correct.

  3. We know it is coming. Isaiah 17:1. And that will happen whether there is
    drought, flood, snow or scorching sun.

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