‘My Jesus, I Love Thee’

I never knew of this hymn until I found it this morning. Here we have it a la Sunday school: just the one lady on the one piano, and you have to sing it yourself. Sometimes that’s the way I like it.

And now I have to go to the nursing home and hand in a whopping big box of Aunt Joan’s paperwork, which we will be exceedingly glad to get out of our hair–and even gladder if we did the job right and her future care is ensured. Good grief, imagine having to do this with clay tablets…

One comment on “‘My Jesus, I Love Thee’”

  1. A good old hymn. We still sing it at my church occasionally. When the elderly can no longer handle their own affairs, it is such a blessing to have family to step in. Most of us need this help sooner or later. I hope I never do, but who knows.

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