More Cats and Babies

Cats and human babies have something in common. Obviously, both have minds in which various things go on–things which fascinate us, but about which we can only speculate because neither cats nor babies can tell us what they’re thinking. And for my next question–does the one know what the other’s thinking?

10 comments on “More Cats and Babies

  1. Priceless! There’s not a more wonderful sound than babies laughing, and to have kitties as the catalyst (no pun intended – well, maybe a little lol) – it doesn’t get any better!

    Lee, my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter loves to watch your cat videos and she’s sure gonna love this one 🙂

    1. Maybe it’s the same nurturing sense they have with baby kittens? They must somehow realize helplessness.

    2. Cats are truly loving and nurturing creatures – not aloof, independent and solitary as I’ve heard many describe them.

    3. Anyone who hasn’t experienced the love of a cat is really missing a blessing in this life.

    4. I agree, Linda. Cats are very special animals and very endearing. Bot dogs and cats have their place and both are obviously designed to be domestic animals, but cats somehow capture my heart. I miss the cat I had forty years ago, even the cat my parents had when I was a boy.

  2. Yes, I remember the first cat my dad brought home for my little sister and me. He was yellow persian, and the delight of our lives.

    1. Alas, my mother wasn’t what you’d call an animal person–my father was, but he didn’t have a vote–so I didn’t have any nice cat or dog to be a baby with. The only pet my mother ever really cottoned to was my iguana: used to go out of her way to make special salads for him, which he very much appreciated. But he did have a gift for getting women to like him.

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