The War Against the Language

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One of the means by which the Enemy trolls for our souls is by confusing and debasing our language. “Hey! If God can do it, so can I!” And so we have an ongoing Tower of Babel, this one produced by Satan.

This is at the heart of the whole “transgender” movement. I have to use quotation marks because there is, in reality, no such thing as “transgender.” If you are born male, every cell of your body is male and cannot be changed. If you are born female, every cell of your body is female and cannot be changed. All that can be changed is the outward appearance.

And the language. And the culture.

Case in point: some wacko in Ohio has been hailed by the nooze media as a “transgender man [who] gave birth to his own daughter”–his!–“after his wife was unable to fall pregnant” ( ).

Please note how slavishly the nooze media complies with this satanic twaddle. “A man who was born a woman…” And is still a woman, with the XX chromosome in every single one of the millions of cells in her body. “Who still had his female reproductive organs…” His female reproductive organs? What hundred percent crapola is this?

I don’t know what you or I can do, with our Western world’s ruling class having decided that “transgender” is real, and not just a wicked delusion. Stand up for the truth, I guess. Proclaim it at every opportunity. Never, never fail to point out that the language used in these stories by the media and other liberals is dishonest and not even sane–to say nothing of violating science, which is normally a sacred cow to them.

And pray. One way or another, in His own good time, the Lord Our God will put a stop to this.

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  1. Yes, the Lord will most certainly end this madness, and as you say, we can and should stand up for truth, and pray. We can do our best to teach
    any young people with whom we have any open door.

  2. If a person, or group of people, can control language, they can influence and quite possibly control, discourse. Decades ago, I taught music and I noticed that in a given week, several of my students would use the same phrase, even if these were kids that lived in different small towns, went to different schools, etc.

    I would ask where a certain phrase came from and usually be treated to the impromptu reenactment of a skit from Saturday Night Live, or some other popular TV show. The kids were using language they had been taught by television. Unfortunately, in many cases it was the language of disrespect and ridicule towards the mores of America in its finest years.

    The transgender issue has become a war of language and the news media seems more than happy to play into the hands of those whom are advocating for a fundamental change in how society views gender. BTW, I use the word gender in what I understand to be its classical sense, which is to say that gender aligns with biology. The fact that I have to make this distinction, in and of itself, speaks volumes regarding the degree to which language has been molded to accomadte the wishes of a very small group of people.

    One other language trend I have observed shaping up is the equation of “peace and security” to a two state solution in the Middle East. If you look up 1Thessolonains 5:3 in comparative bible translations, you will note that this could be significant. Some translations use “peace and safety” while others use “peace and security”.

    To see this phrase appearing in the context of a major political issue gives me pause. If a significant portion of people conflate “peace and security” with “two state solution” we could hear “peace and security” very often in public discourse.

  3. Erlene and Unknowable, you’re both absolutely correct! – as of course are you, Lee. All of this evil insanity makes me wonder how much more of it Father will allow. Old fogeys like us remember a time when there was respect – for God, for His creation, for our parents and families and for each other. It just makes no sense that people can’t see how messed up all of this is.

    1. *sigh* I noticed that item yesterday, and just couldn’t bring myself to write about it. As a former newspaperman, I found it rather demoralizing.

  4. Lee, I just read your article “Crazier and Crazier” on, about all the craziness going on in today’s society, and I recommend it to everyone here:

    Even the ancient Greeks (those really old fogeys!) used to say, “Whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad.” And my dissertation director, knowing that I’d had a double undergraduate major in English and Classics (with a minor in history), once said, “Phoebe, you’re a classicist; you know how quickly a civilization can collapse.”

    So while it may be true that “old fogeys” have always complained about the young, it’s also true that civilizations HAVE collapsed after being undermined thoroughly enough.

    It’s also true, by the way, that the young whippersnappers have always scorned the wisdom of their elders. My mother used to call this “the arrogance of the young.”

  5. Back to the subject of “gender” language: It’s occurred to me to wonder what in the world I would do if I were still teaching. I always referred to my college students as Mr. or Ms. So-and-So rather than use their first names, as a way of indicating the dignity which I accorded both them and the project of learning. But now, what honorifics could I possibly use if some male students wanted to be addressed as females, or vice versa, or if some wanted new honorifics to indicate that they were genderfluid or genderqueer or whatever other absurdity they preferred at the moment.

    I wouldn’t use their first names, partly because they might decide to play word games with those as well, and partly because it would destroy the adult atmosphere I was trying to create. I suppose I could just bark out their last names without honorifics, but that would be rude. So….

    And then it suddenly occurred to me yesterday: We could call everyone “Comrade.” Do you suppose this is part of the end goal? — the Socialist State where everyone is an undifferentiated unit in the mass? (Cue “Twilight Zone” theme music.) So much for diversity, eh wot?

    1. Pretty soon, “you” will be the only safe form of address. BTW, don’t drink milk, it’s considered racist these days. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the link, Phoebe, I read that article with great interest.

    With that in mind, and speaking as a majority of one, I believe that something significant is happening all around us. For the sake of perspective, I was raised in a family where Adventist thinking was prominent. From my earliest verbal memories I recall being told that The End was high. Adventist thinking tends to be rooted in chronology and when I became an adult I began to see cracks in the foundation which was built upon (mis)interpretation of Daniel with regard to the Last Days. I stil believed that there would be a Last Days, but I didn’t believe that I, or anyone else held any insights with regard to the timing of the Last Days.

    And so I lived until fairly recently. I had begun to question replacement theology and had concluded that modern Israel may well have scriptural significance. If that is the case, it would seem that Zechariah 12 is being fulfilled before our eyes. Verse 4 of that chapter says: “In that day,” declares the Lord, “I will strike every horse with bewilderment and his rider with madness. But I will watch over the house of Judah, while I strike every horse of the peoples with blindness.”

    I think we are seeing this as it plays out in real time. I’ve gone from rejecting talk of the Last Days to believing that we are in them, not because of chronology, but because I am seeing events which seem to align with prophecy. My journey towards Thinking that this may be the buildup to the Second Coming was reluctant, but I can’t imagine any other explanation for what I see happening. The events we are talking about today would have seemed impossible just a few years ago.

    It’s not just these gender issues, or the tumult in government, which leads me to these conclusions. Everywhere, and at every strata of society, there seems to be a breakdown in the function of society. Family lines are dwindling to an end. Job prospects are near zero for young people making marriage and a home an impossible dream for many.

    In the meantime, we have a tiny country in Asia threatening nuclear war against the U.S. Syria is war-torn after roughly six years of non-stop fighting and the resulting refugee count is abysmal. Turkey seems to be moving towards militancy and Europe would seem to be in disarray. There are a lot of things happening globally, all at the same time. That seems to closely fit Jesus’ words in Matthew 24.

    Ultimately, the Bible is either true or it isn’t. My wager is that it is true, but the matter will likely be proven in the not too distant future.

  7. What insanity this is. But as others have commented, much of what is happening: gender blurring, homosexuality, disregarding and disrespecting long-held and traditional interaction between man and woman, indicates the truth of God’s Word. We are seeing the playing out of the curse God said would come (in Romans) when mankind began (and mostly through anti-God science) to worship the creature and the creation rather than worship our beloved Creator.

  8. Just read about, now let me get this straight (the article was a bit confusing because of the pronouns and titles they used), a mother and a son discover that they are “transgender” at the same time after watching some documentary about it. The mother and son are now father and daughter.

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