Now It’s the Sneakers

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You can’t sit down to dinner in a posh restaurant anymore without some Democrat screeching at you, and now you can’t watch a basketball game anymore, either, without getting clubbed over the head with a left-wing political message.

Racist filmmaker Spike Lee, aided and abetted by Nike, has introduced a new line of “anti-Trump sneakers”–does he really need the money?–decorated with the left-wing loon messages “Resist” and “Repel Agent Orange” ( ). Ain’t that clever? And a friend of mine has already seen them worn in one of the March Madness collidge basketball games that I never watch unless I’m in a fancy restaurant paying $18 for a salad.

I don’t think I’ll be buying any Nike products for a while.

Once more it becomes necessary to declare that race hustling, stirring up strife among people who would otherwise be at peace with one another, is a sin. It is also meat and drink to the Democrat Party: without racial animosities, it could not remain in being.

These numbskulls fancy themselves as akin to the French Resistance against the Nazis during World War II. But there is a difference between brave men and women prepared to sacrifice their lives for their country, and a passel of self-important halfwits painting slogans on their sneakers.

I don’t believe it’s possible anymore to be a Christian and a left-winger–if indeed it was ever possible.

CORRECTION: My friend did not see the “Resist” sneaker worn during the game; what she saw was the commercial. She hastens to add that she does not watch March Madness, but is exposed to it. I know the feeling.

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6 comments on “Now It’s the Sneakers

  1. If any of these people faced the conditions in which the French Resistance operated they would shrivel instantly. As I see it, one of the big problems with the left is that they can’t even conceive of the freebies running out, and having to compete on a level playing field.

    “I don’t believe it’s possible anymore to be a Christian and a left-winger–if indeed it was ever possible.”

    Something seems to have changed, of late. 23 years ago, the new Republican majority in the house was slugging it out with the left and the lines were apparent to any interested observer. At this point, there seems to be a different character to it all. As I see it, the lines are drawn by belief in a Higher Power, or disbelief therein.

    Just to complicate matters, there are ear-tickling religionists out there that teach their adherents that God is some cosmic wishing well and that He will bless you materially, to no end. I wonder how they account for Christians in the Middle East whom are being beheaded at times and generally persecuted all the time.

    Have you ever seen a house of cards?

  2. The mask has come off fully and the left has revealed what they are really are, fascist. They want what they want and they are prepared to do anything to get it, even by force. And I would really love to know what they are resisting? What policies decries this sort of response? Is it securing the border, which is the right of every nation? Or the travel ban of the same countries that Obama listed? The irony in all this, is Trump is probably the most left leaning Republican president in recent times.

    1. They are revealing themselves for all to see, all the while accusing their adversaries with wild, unsubstantiated claims. These are interesting times.

    2. The left is great at projection. As I heard someone call them, they are the anti-fascist fascists.

    3. That is the perfect description.

      Reagan left the Democratic party after he saw the tactics of the far left as they worked to infiltrate the Screen Actor’s Guild. They would shout down the opposition and play the wounded party if even slightly criticized. This turned Reagan from a moderate Democrat to the pillar of conservatism.

      I’ve seen it myself, albeit in much more modest settings. I’ve seen friends go over to the thinking of the far left and once that happens they refuse to even talk to you. If you try to quietly defend your beliefs they would shout you down and not let you utter a word. I’ve ended more than one friendship over this sort of thing and have done so without regret.

  3. I would never have thought that it would turn out to be so easy to be silly and dangerous at the same time.

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