Sweden: Crazier than America

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The country that proudly bills itself as having “the world’s first feminist government” has made it mandatory for students at all its universities to take courses in “men’s violence against women” ( http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/03/28/sweden-male-violence-women-university/ ).

Daft old Sweden, where last winter a new “feminist snow removal” policy left the capital, Stockholm, choked with snow and all but impassable, now has an “equalities minister” in the cabinet and indulges in “state-directed changes to higher education.”

By the way, women initiating violence against men–which Swedish sociologists now say happens more often than the other way around (surprised?)–seems to be okay with the feminist government. At least no one’s mentioning it.

For some reason not accessible to any sane mind, Sweden’s feminist government appears to have no problem at all with the country becoming the rape capital of the Western world. Do you want to guess how that happened? Could it possibly, conceivably, have anything at all to do with the mass importation of young, able-bodied, unemployed Muslim males who think it’s virtuous to rape infidel women? I mean, that’s just my wild guess: certainly the feminist government has turned a blind eye to it.

I wonder why the leaders of Western Europe seem bent on national suicide. You’d swear they hate their own countries and want to scuff them out of existence as soon as possible.

But then they don’t call it the Stockholm Syndrome for nothing, do they?

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  1. “[T]hey don’t call it the Stockholm Syndrome for nothing, do they?

    Good call!

    The libs are framing their own downfall. It’s astounding to watch, and in keeping with the Bible examples when enemies of God’s people would fall into chaos and fight among themselves.

    It seems to me I read about something like that in a novel, recently too. It seems that there were these tiny little human-like creatures that lived in the ruins of an extinct civilization. Anyhow, the armies of a corrupt leader were set to attack and these little guys snuck into their camp and attacked them first. All heck broke loose after that and the bad guys destroyed themselves without anyone else even having to muss their hair. 🙂

    1. Now I’m waiting for someone to ask, breathlessly, “What book was that? Why, it sounds great! Where can I get it?”

    2. What book was that? Why, it sounds great! Where can I get it? (That was a short wait, wasn’t it?) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    3. I cannot tell a lie. That incident is recounted in “The Last Banquet,” Book 4 of my Bell Mountain series. I would say I hate to blow my own horn, but that would be a lie, too.

  2. I guarantee that the course in “Men’s Violence Against Women” will NOT include references to Muslim rapes and enslavement of non-Muslim women. To those who still use the reason that God gave to Man alone of all his creatures (note use of generic “Man”), the mental disconnect seems baffling. But then I remember Babel — and Eden.

  3. It all falls under satan’s agenda. His desire is to turn absolutely everything upside down. Whatever God has created has to be eliminated, polluted, used to confuse or just anything diabolical. That’s what he does. He also has his own army to carry out his orders, and since they are spirit beings, and do not need food or sleep, they can work full time.

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