Wahoo! Comment Contest Time

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I almost forgot to announce the new comment contest today: nothing like a bit of Swedish feminism to unsettle one’s plans.

Whoever posts Comment No. 13,000 to this blog will win an autographed copy of one of my books–and we’re already at No. 12,800 and change, so we don’t have far to go. The winning comment can be on any subject and may be addressed to any item posted on this blog. Don’t worry, I’ll find it.

Ineligible will be comments abusive to anyone else on this blog, any comments featuring profanity or blasphemy, any that are really just thinly disguised commercials, and any that are really just too inane to bother with. Apart from those, pretty much anything goes. Someone (she knows who she is!) once won one of these contests just by saying “Ugh.” Not that I’m encouraging such brevity.

I’ve lost count of how many of these contests we’ve had, which probably means something good.

About leeduigon

I have lived in Metuchen, NJ, all my life. I have been married to my wife Patricia since 1977. I am a former newspaper editor and reporter. I was also the owner-operator of my own small business for several years. I wrote various novels and short stories published during 1980s and 1990s. I am a long-time student of judo and Japanese swordsmanship (kenjutsu). I also play chess, basketball, and military and sports simulations. View all posts by leeduigon

7 responses to “Wahoo! Comment Contest Time

  • UnKnowable

    Here we go again!

    Step right up folks. I won a while back and now have an autographed copy of Bell Mountain, which introduced me to a great fiction series with positive values, adventure and heart.


  • Erlene

    Just wondering if anything came of my post to facebook? I have almost given up on fb; they have messed up too many of my posts.


  • Shannon Brown

    My comment is this….MAY GOD GUIDE AND PROTECT US ALL AND KEEP THIS BLOG GOING👍. The insanity is ramping up. Love one another just as God loves us all. Keep on Praying y’all…keep on Praying for all to come and know our King.


  • Erlene

    You had asked for someone to post your info on fb; I did, but didn’t know if you had – well, I see from another post that it didn’t do any good. I don’t know what else to do, but will keep trying to see if I can get anything done.


    • leeduigon

      Thanks, Erlene. I’m beginning to wonder if the problem is a Facebook problem. I’m not disconnected and I haven’t done anything differently–and yet the referrals are gone. For some reason this problem really gets my goat!


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