Montana Dems Want… Sharia?

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No, this is not an April Fool story. Yesterday all the Democrats in the Montana state legislature voted against a bill to ban Muslim sharia law in their state ( ).

All the Republicans voted for it, so the bill passed, 56-44. But now it will go to Montana’s governor, another Democrat. I will be amazed if he signs it.

A nut-case in the legislature said any measure banning the use of foreign legal systems in Montana would send a “dangerous message to minority groups.”

What? You mean competing legal systems would be a cool thing to have in your state? Including the Muslim system that calls for oppressing women and putting homosexuals to death? Do Democrats really, truly, think that would be a good idea?

I guess they do. Which means they’re crazy. Sure, let’s have a nice hefty dose of sharia in our state! That ought to lead to some really interesting jurisdictional squabbles. Along with some deaths.

The sooner this insane political party gets put out of business forever, the better. Because now they’re not only a perpetual annoyance, but a threat to public safety.

12 comments on “Montana Dems Want… Sharia?

  1. It appears that strong delusion is permeating every facet of life these days. Insane!

  2. This is truly mind-boggling for Montana of all places. This state has always been a bulwark of conservatism. The whole country is really
    “going to hell in a handbasket.”!

    1. Liberalism is an enemy that must be utterly defeated–and you can see what it does to any country, city, or state where it takes root. The Democrat Party must be destroyed, root and branch. It has become a danger to our country.

    2. At this point, I don’t think that either party is working on our behalf. I agree, the Dem’s are way out there, but look at what the Republicans are doing. Lincoln is spinning in his grave.

    3. As one of Lincoln’s generals counseled him, when he was contemplating an invasion of Canada, “One war at a time, Mr. President!” First the Democrats; then, if need be, the Republicans.

  3. It’s the secular equivalent of “holier than thou,” a mad scramble to appear more welcoming of The Other than anyone else — and, by extension, more “humble” about one’s own, which really means (to them) more enlightened and virtuous than anyone else.

    1. I think you nailed it. There seems to be a competition to be perceived as open minded. I’m all for open mindedness, but not to the point of abandoning all of one’s standards.

  4. Liberals are the epitome of irony. They stick up for a belief system that is contrary to everything they stand for, and one which would put them to death if given the chance. Then again liberalism is also synonymous with suicide.

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