Good Grief! A Screaming Frog

Hi, Mr. Nature here–with a frog that screams when you touch him. Mrs. Nature’s friend sent us this video. I never saw or heard a frog like this before and I have no idea what kind of frog it is or where it comes from. Even Mr. Nature doesn’t know everything.

The frog, as many frogs do, also is able to puff himself up. This is a defense against snakes. I don’t know what the scream is a defense against. I doubt it would impress a snake.

8 comments on “Good Grief! A Screaming Frog

  1. Wow! This little guy is really neat! I never knew frogs could scream – even tree frogs chirp, but they don’t scream. Kind of reminds me of my sister’s turtle, Alvin, who sang opera with my mom 🙂

    1. My slowworms could make sort of a happy little “aah!” after they had a drink–although all the books said they couldn’t.

    2. Your books are more believable than some of the ‘experts’ books 🙂

    3. It strikes me that the “experts” have a lot of absolutes which are more correctly assumptions and opinions, rather than facts. They’re probably just trying to prop up their evolution myth.

    4. Well, Linda’s family used to have a singing turtle. That’s supposed to be impossible. None of my turtles ever sang–but my wife had a singing turtle in her house, years before we met.

      You’d think such an inoffensive, charming little animal as a slowworm wouldn’t wind up in any controversies.

    5. Everything is controversial these days, even the post I am now typing. 🙂

      I take a certain comfort in hearing animals as they use their voices. My cat has no symbolic language, but she can signal a wide range of emotion with her various squeaks, meows and chirrups (which seem to combine purring with a squeak).

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