Cozy Cats & Babies

Look how good these cats are with babies! God’s stuff functioning as it naturally does.

Then again, I can absolutely hear my mother’s shriek of pure horror at seeing her baby and a cat sharing the same pacifier. Ma, relax! It’s actually good for the kid’s immune system, a poster in the doctor’s office says so.

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4 comments on “Cozy Cats & Babies

  1. The siamese peering through the bars of the crib at that newborn was priceless.

    It looked like most of the cats were enjoying the baby as much as the babies were enjoying the cats.

  2. It’s hard to pick a favorite in all these delights. But I think the sleepytime cuddling ones are my favorites. Or maybe the one where the baby and the cat are playing with each other’s fingers and toes. Or maybe the cat washing the baby’s head. Or maybe….

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