Today’s Hymn, ‘I Am Resolved’

Here today it’s cold and rainy in the morning–but here’s a hymn from 1896 that can’t help but to let in the sunshine: I Am Resolved, with Nathan on the auto-harp and Lyle on guitar. I love those 19th century hymns!

Remember, everybody, the hymn shop is open 24/7; and if there’s a hymn you’d like to have posted here, just let me know.

2 comments on “Today’s Hymn, ‘I Am Resolved’

  1. We have that lovely “liquid sunshine” here this morning, too. Oh well, I don’t think I have to go out, and I expect a phone call from my beloved
    grandson mid morning, so …I will see what I can find in the way of a nice hymn. By the way, I liked your NWV article this morning.

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