Cats and Ghosts

Don’t you just love it when your cat sits there and growls at… nothing? Like, what’s he looking at? And you peer intently at the same place, and you don’t see a thing. This has given rise to the belief that cats can see ghosts.

To me the cat in this video acts like he’s on a bug hunt. We might not be able to see the tiny flying insect, but the cat can. It should also be remembered that cats have rather vivid imaginations. Just last night my cat Robbie ran up and down the stairs–chasing herself, growling at nothing at all, and having a very good time.

P.S.–I thought the problem was fixed, but so far today, no Facebook referrals. I’m beginning to think I haven’t the foggiest idea how a referral is generated. The more I get involved with computers, the less I understand them.

One comment on “Cats and Ghosts”

  1. In the case of that video, I’m almost certain that there’s an insect involved. I’m even more certain that it’s NOT something from the spirit realm. With the exception of Balaam’s Ass, I don’t think that animals possess any special insights into the spirit realm and I suspect that in the case of Balaam, the animal was allowed to see the angel only because it served the purpose of the situation.

    No ideas in the referral problem, but I sure appreciate that you are here.

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