Reeding Grate Litterture!

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Haters thay think jist becose we in Gender Studies “it” meanes we hasnt got no taiste in litterture! Boy is that stopid thing to say! We “are” Interllecturals so of corse we reed grate litterture al the time!!

I has reeded al the grates,, Spiderman and Battman and Trans Formers witch “is my” favrote becose al them chacterers thay “are” Trans Gender! and to-day we “had a” guesst lectrer she teached us al “abuot how” Not to reed Racist litterture wrote by Wite Privledge Hattero-Sexist Mails! Becose it wil Rot yuor Mind and yiu only shuld “reed” litterture by wimmim and gay and peple thay are Not wite!

She sayed the porpose of litterture it “is to” Expant yuor Mind and make you Self more Progrestive! so i buyed me a isstue of “this” Doom Patrol Comick becose it got a pitcure of this hear Wite Mail he turnt into a Monster part Tryanosaurrus and part Octapuss! i think he “looks” like Donold Trumpt! and it taked me a Long Time to reed it and then i Had “to” throw it Out becose it didnt have no Gay Heero in it! and Besides it was “kind of” Racist tooo!

From Now On i wil onely reed litterture that cellerbates Diversity and thare istnt no Bynary Gender peple in it!!! and i wented To our Statchue of Pressadint Obamma and prombised him I wuld nevver reed no more Strait Wite Prifflidge litterture no more! That sure Made me feeel better!

PS, somboddy he jist toled me That thare wasnt no Octapuss in that comick After All it was some “kind of” Tree insted so now i has got to treye to Get my monny back!!!

9 comments on “Reeding Grate Litterture!

  1. I think Joe Collidge should report his diversity trainer to the diversity police for not including the differently abled in his/her/its/their/xyz list of authors to read.

    1. Yes indeed, and I loved it! I’m dying to know what Martis does next, so I guess I’ll have to read the next installment … and the next … and the next…. :):):)

    2. Your hooked, but it’s a good kind of hooked. When I travel to Obann, and especially Lintum Forest, I feel like I’m hearing from old and reliable friends.

    1. Well, Joe decided that he didn’t like it, after all. Anyhow, I thought the picture on the cover was cool.

      I thought you had to go to my alma mater, Rutgers, to get a degree in Beyonce. Apparently this has caught on elsewhere.

      Wait’ll they make it compulsory for everyone to get a Ph.D.

    2. That is some picture.

      Once, someone asked me if I had a PHD. I said: “yes, in misinformation”. To this day, I think it was my best comeback.

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