The Navy Hymn (‘Eternal Father’)

Extra hymn, before I go to the doctor’s office this morning.

Why the Navy hymn? Well, what are we, if we are not “those in peril on the sea”? And the good ship Western Civilization has a drunken captain, a suicidal crew, and no more anchor because the crazies cut the cable.

But Our Eternal Father nevertheless is able to save us. And He will. In fact, in fact of Jesus Christ… He already has.

2 comments on “The Navy Hymn (‘Eternal Father’)

    1. Thanks for the clip.
      I once had to perform the Heimlich maneuver–on my wife no less. And boy, did it work! Shot the clog out like a cannonball.
      The scary thing was, I had an early evening softball game and wasn’t home yet when she started eating supper. I had only just come in when she began to choke. Another two minutes, and I would’ve been too late.
      We thank God for watching over us.

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