UK Teachers Vote: Sex Ed for 2-Year-Olds

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Every time I get myself geared up for a healthy breath of postmillenial optimism, along comes a story like this.

Across the Atlantic in Britain (which means it’ll be coming our way pretty soon), the National Union of Teachers–dig the acronym: NUT–has voted to teach very young children in nursery schools, some as young as two years old, about same-sex “relationships” and transgenderism (

The NUTs say this is necessary, to “challenge homophobia and transphobia” and combat “hate crimes.”

Gee, you would think Britain was knee-deep in sodomites being tossed off the roofs of tall buildings by guess-who, along with angry mobs of peasants with scythes and pitchforks chasing after poor little transgender whatsits. Actually, the NUTs give no evidence whatsoever that “hate crimes” are a problem in Britain. No facts, no figures, no nothing. Just take their word for it so they can teach your two-year-old son that he ought to try being a girl for a while, he might like it.

Of course, libs and progs and gay activists never, never, never have to prove anything they say. It would be a hate crime in and of itself, to demand they prove their point.

OK, Britain, you tell us–why is this a good idea? Why do you just sit there and put up with it?

Well, all right, you did manage Brexit and that was a big job, well done. Maybe this ought to be the next order of business.

Because these loony “teachers” of ours, all throughout the Western world, are servants of Satan (whether they know it or not–and he enjoys it most when they say they don’t believe in him) and they are killing our culture.

O Lord Our God, give us strength and courage and lead us to victory over these worse than Philistines.

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  1. Wicked, evil treachery! And we know where it comes from! These little children don’t even know what a boy or a girl is yet. What a bunch of NUT sickos!

  2. This is pathetic, and it reminds me of a word from one of their representatives when asked why Britain did not resist this kind of stuff.
    His reply was “it is better to roll over and be raped that to resist and be
    killed.” Sorry attitude.

    1. No kidding.

      Growing up, we were taught about the people that fought to secure liberty in the founding days of the US. This triggered greater liberty in many other places and led to prosperity and development beyond anything that had occurred before. What a shame to throw that all away.

  3. When I was young, giving children this kind of pornography would land the purveyors of the stuff in jail. And anything that forces sexual ideas on children is in fact pornography. But the idea is to pervert the minds early, and to sow confusion so the truth can never take root. We’re going to need a lot of missionaries to the once-Christian West.

    1. It can be seen in the people we deal with day in and day out. Many do seem to be confused.

      The effects of sexually oriented materials on children can be profound. When people learn about sex outside of the family, objectification can easily happen. It’s a huge problem, and lies at the root of the pornography epidemic and Internet pornography addiction. Pornography works by objectifying its subjects into willing paramours in the viewer’s imagination.

      Take away objectification and porn doesn’t work. OTOH, if you introduce a child to such materials at an early age, having less life experience, they are more likely to objectify and this can lead to a lifelong problem. Porn addiction is destroying marriages right and left, yet schools insist on exposing children to sexually oriented materials.

    2. When I was a teenager and they first tried to bring sex ed into our local schools, our fathers stopped it cold. It’s too bad there don’t seem to be fathers like that anymore.
      And oh, boy, are you right about the West’s need for missionaries! And we should not surprised if God provides them–and from unexpected places, at that.

    3. You may be onto something, Lee. Someone needs to help people to see that they have strayed. Sadly, many of today’s churches are immersed in a feel-good theology which does little more than provide validation to any sort of behavior imaginable. It’s distressing to see.

    4. Yes, Unknowable, the ‘name it and claim it’ crew. They’re certainly not feeding the sheep!

    5. That’s what astounds me. I read a study today, at a news site, where roughly 20% of the respondents stated that a one night stand would not necessarily constitute cheating on your spouse. When they broke it down demographically, self-identified Christians didn’t seem to have a much different opinion than anyone else, with regard to adultery. Something has to change.

    6. Some years ago I had a conversation with a newly ordained ministerette in my church (not my church anymore), who said adultery and sodomy were just fine, as long as the relationships were “loving.”

    7. An even more astonishing thing to me is those self-identified Christians who don’t believe that Jesus is God. Who do they think He is? Who are they following and why? and what are they celebrating on Christmas and Easter (Passover)? I can’t for the life of me understand these things.

    8. Linda, go back to the oldest articles in this blog’s archives, on paganism in the church. You’ll quickly see where a lot of that is coming from.

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