You Need to Know the Heimlich Maneuver

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We keep God busy, watching over us. But He has given us some extremely useful resources.

Sometimes people choke to death; but the Heimlich maneuver can save a choking victim’s life.

Once upon a time I had an early evening softball game, so Patty sat down to eat supper alone. By and by, I came home. And I had only just come in when she began to choke–violently. By God’s grace, I remembered the Heimlich maneuver, remembered reading about it in Reader’s Digest years before. I had never done it before, but I did it then. And that wad of fried rice and bean sprouts shot out like a cannonball. It was a narrow escape. Gives me the willies, to think back on it. If I’d been five minutes later coming home–and you know how guys stick around and gab after a softball game–I would have been too late. But by God’s providence, I wasn’t.

Linda has sent us an article on how to perform the Heimlich maneuver on yourself, when there’s no one there to do it for you ( ). This is a really good thing to know, so read the article. The knowledge you acquire just might save your life someday.

6 comments on “You Need to Know the Heimlich Maneuver

  1. Lee, how providential that you arrived when you did! Thanks be to God.

    As for performing the maneuver on myself the way it shows in the link, I’m so clumsy that I’d probably break a few ribs and/or puncture a lung. Or maybe just knock the chair over and wind up both choking and tangled up in the chair legs. Sigh.

  2. Very useful info!

    My grandpa did the Heimlich on a man at a restaurant once. I’m so glad you came in when you did! There are some experiences that one can never laugh over, even after a distance of years; you can only thank God that it didn’t turn out like it could have.

    I have a song request, by the way. Perpetua’s Song. It’s on Youtube, and it’s from an animated movie about Perpetua, a martyr who left the first known Christian writings by a woman. It’s a deeply moving song (she didn’t write it herself; it’s based on one of the Psalms and I’m not sure who is the author/composer).

    1. I’ll post it tomorrow, Laura.
      BTW, how does one go about following your blog? I wanted to do that, but I couldn’t find a button.

    2. Oh no! I didn’t realize that I didn’t have something for that. I usually follow blogs with the Blogger blogfeed, so I don’t really think about subscribing through email. It’s fixed now; there’s a little thing on the right sidebar where you can put in your email.

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