Pets Wanna Have Fun: The Sequel

Okay, the raccoon in this video isn’t a pet; but he is having fun. Then there are the things that cats and dogs do that wouldn’t make any sense at all unless they had fun doing them. It argues for a high order of intelligence that is mostly inscrutable to humans.

Maybe they’re smarter than we are.

4 comments on “Pets Wanna Have Fun: The Sequel

  1. Let’s see: I commented for 45 minutes to spend 8+ hours at a job while my cat is home, crashed out on my bed and wondering when I’ll get home so that she have have her treat of chicken from the deli. After that, I’ll clean her litter box and make sure she has enough cat food to last until tomorrow evening. And she gets all of this by purring while I give her another of the endless back rubs she receives from me daily. OK, who’s the smart one here?

  2. These were hilarious, Lee. The one that made me laugh out loud was the little bulldog that kept running into the furniture – on purpose!

  3. Boy, this got the attention of both my cat and the dog in the house. They both came running to see what was going on. lol

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