More Funny Cats

I hope I’m not boring you, out there, with all these cat videos. Cats never bore me. But say the word, and I’ll post videos of any other kind of pet you have a fancy for. Alligators, crocodiles, plankton–you name it, I’ll post it.

That being said, get a load of the cat who likes being swept up by the broom.

5 comments on “More Funny Cats

  1. No complaints here. Cats, cats and more cats! Cats are the best! 🙂 And these kitties demonstrate just how clever they are!

  2. I love the one where the cat rings the bell for food — and re-rings it impatiently when his (her?) human slave doesn’t bring the food close enough. The humans probably think they’ve trained the cat, but obviously it’s the cat who’s trained the humans.

    I always used to say that anyone who’s in a position of authority — managers, commanders, even teachers — ought to have a cat. It’s a good exercise in humility, after a day of ordering people around, to come home and be ordered around by a ball of fur.

    By all means keep those kitty videos coming! 🙂

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