Where I Get Some of My Ideas From

I write about a world that never was, inspired by a world that used to be.

This is footage from Roy Chapman Andrews’ Gobi Desert expeditions in the 1920s, for the American Museum of Natural History. This is Mongolia as it was then, but isn’t anymore.

God has wired into some of us a longing for places we cannot reach, either because they exist no more or because they never did exist. A fantasy writer taps into that. We know the past was real, because we used to live in it: but was it really? Things change. Sometimes they change too much. Places I used to know very well are so gone, so wiped out without a trace, that they might as well have been in Mongolia in 1926: or tucked away in Lintum Forest. Pick one.

Did I dream these places? Were they ever really real? Because I can’t find them anymore.

Oh, but God can. He most certainly can.

4 comments on “Where I Get Some of My Ideas From

  1. We yearn for that which was lost in Eden. In my humble opinion, it’s that simple. We intuitively understand that there is something wrong with the way things are in the world and we long for a world the way God intended, before the fall.

    1. Quite apt. There is a longing in all humanity, but sadly there is such a preponderance of falsehood and superstition that many people have no idea of why they have this longing. Imagine having lived in the time of Abram, before the Creator revealed Himself to mankind.

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