Centrist? This Guy Is a Centrist?

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So, then, lemme see… Your name is Emmanuel Macron and you’re running for president of France: and you say you’re in favor of “globalism and European integration,” pretty much open borders, and you’ve said there’s no such thing as French culture, and “France is not a fixed identity” (http://www.vdare.com/posts/marine-le-pen-shows-the-voters-the-real-macron)

And the big fat stupid nooze media, one and all, are calling you a “centrist”?

I mean, is that what a centrist is–someone who wants to put his own country out of business? Words sure take on funny meanings, when the nooze media use ’em.

Running against him, Marine Le Pen, who believes in France and wants to keep it going, is described by the same nooze media as “far-right”–if you want your country to go on living, and not be erased, you’re far-right–with a “dark” vision, blah-blah-blah.

If M. Macron is a “centrist,” what do you have to say or do to be considered loony Left? Start up a petition asking the German army to invade again?

All of this is obviously aimed at the poor Jean Q. Publique who still believes what he reads in the papers and think it would be a good thing to have a centrist running the show, because centrists are, like, at the center, they don’t hit you with wacky, France-destroying policies.

My paternal grandfather and his sister, Great-Aunt Louise, were born in Paris and came to this country as children. I bear a French name. I am dismayed by what has been done to the homeland of my ancestors.

Think how France has suffered–Revolution; Napoleon; Franco-Prussian War; World War I; World War II–and all of it the product of blustering idiocy on the part of France’s leaders.

They mean to keep it up until there’s no more France.

God save us.

16 comments on “Centrist? This Guy Is a Centrist?

  1. It would seem that simply attaching the prefix “loonies” fits many of the politicians, globalists, educators – wait, did I say educators? – They’re all on the same loony page. Erase borders, cultures, languages, religions so they can usher in their idea of ‘utopia’. I shudder at the thought!, but it certainly appears that’s where we’re headed. We Christians must spend more time on our knees, beseeching our Lord. His Will be done – on earth as it is in Heaven!

  2. “What do you have to say or do to be considered loony Left? Start up a petition asking the German army to invade again?”

    Don’t give them any ideas, Lee.

    I probably will be a bit scarce for the next two weeks. I’m not jumping ship, I promise you. However, I have a major project which is monopolizing my time.

    1. We’ll miss you, Unknowable. Your comments are always thought-provoking, intelligent and well though out. Hurry back! 🙂

  3. A country without a distinct culture will cease to be a country at all. Multiculturalism likes to focus on our differences, but this doesn’t produce a homogeneous culture, it creates tribalism. Only having shared common values do we have a true homogeneous melting pot.

    1. I’m about to write a NWV column: first they wreck the countries, then they demand a world government to restore order.

    2. And I should add – purposefully and intentionally without Jesus. Jesus is the ONLY order!

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