Global Warming Zillionaires

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An international cabal organized by Al “$$$” Gore, the Energy Transitions Commission, wants the nations of the world to fork over $15 trillion (!) to fight imaginary Global Warming.

But don’t be alarmed. They propose to collect it in mere $600 billion increments over the next twenty years (

Here in New Jersey their Global Warming has been freezing our butts off for the past few days. Never mind–“The Science is settled, there’s no debate,” etc.

How much of this enormous amount of money is going to stick to their fingers? “Global Warmin’ been very, very good to me!”  And what good things won’t get done because $15 trillion wasn’t available to do them?

If anybody out there is still taken in by this, I’m disappointed in you.

The truth is that a lot of already rich and powerful people want to become even more rich and powerful, want to install a global government with themselves as lords of the world, and have already been caught lying and cheating innumerable times, trying to make it happen. They haven’t been caught committing murder yet, but don’t rule that out for the future.

They’ve got governments, the Pope, all the big nooze media, the teachers’ unions, and just about all the colleges and universities running before their chariot, believing they’ll all be cut in for a piece of the action once the world government’s in place.

You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things…

We have recourse through prayer to an all-mighty and all-righteous God, the judge of all the earth. For the only one who has a right to rule it all is Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

These others are but robbers and usurpers. May repentance find them before judgment overtakes them. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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  1. Only prayer can stave off satan’s demons, “for a time,” despite God’s temporary respites, because IT IS WRITTEN. Today’s a very bad day for me. Even the alt-right media is all doom and gloom and no one is offering any encouragement about anything.

    Today and yesterday, when I read the articles in my emails, too many commenters expressed support FOR: the TSA facial scan, the new and disproved Earth Day, calling Julian Assange a traitor, the fake polls of 43% who would still vote for hillary, for LGBTQ “rights,” etc. – and AGAINST paying for the border wall, Trump’s first 100 days (which were superlative), against Pizzagate being real, the Jews (well of course, as Tom Leher said “Everybody hates the Jews”), and so on and so on. Oy! Oddly enough, the stories on Gore’s new $40 trillion scheme had almost no negative comments because most people didn’t even understand it!

    Thanks for letting me post my vent, I feel better already, as I always do when I get to this site.

    1. We’ve all got to stick together. There are days when the only encouragement we get, this side of the Holy Spirit and God’s word, will be from each other.

  2. Most likely those who are believers in ‘climate change’ are the same ones who will believe in ‘Chrislam’!

    I’m with you, Marlene. Lee’s site is a refuge from the insanity overtaking this world.

    1. I could have said he is an ignoramus, a sophomoric twit, a pretender, a ninny, or a schlemiel, but I didn’t. Oops…

  3. There is a small crowd of the elite which should show much more gratitude to those who have been sacrificed in wars and toiled on land and at sea for the most comfortable lives of that elite. When your arm gets tired, don’t expect humanity to pat your back for you for your receiving a Nobel Prize.

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