Has Berkeley Killed the First Amendment?

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Does Berkeley offer a degree in rioting?

“The graveyard of the First Amendment”–that’s what Anne Coulter called the Berkeley campus, after having to cancel her speech there for fear of student riots (http://www.cbsnews.com/news/ann-coulter-speech-university-of-california-berkeley/). Left-wing students threatened to riot if she were allowed to speak, and, as usual, the university gave them what they wanted.

And the nooze media are on it, oh, yeah: calling it a battle of “the alt-right” vs. “anti-fascists.”

Is that honest? Is the Pope an astronaut? I still don’t know what “the alt-right” is, beyond being a pejorative term used by libs and progs. As for “anti-fascists,” well, that’s a nice term for a bunch of Stalinist wannabes who always act like fascists, isn’t it?

Here is a simple truth. Democrats do not believe in free speech, and will destroy it if they can. Any speech that doesn’t conform exactly to their own bizarre little worldview is “hate speech” and must be suppressed–violently suppressed, if need be. Like it is at Berkeley.

Political leftism has evolved (I get extra credit for saying “evolved”!) into a weird alternative religion whose idols are the state and pseudo-science and whose only creed is power.

It must be confronted, opposed, and utterly defeated wherever it exists.

May God give us the strength, the courage, and the resolve to do so. In Jesus’ name, amen.

7 comments on “Has Berkeley Killed the First Amendment?

  1. The irony of all this is knee deep and rising. Berkley was the home of the so-called “Free Speech Movement” in the mid sixties. However, for the Left, freedom applies only to those whose share their viewpoint. The rest of us are supposed to dummy up.

  2. Amen to your prayer, Lee. And I’d like to add another prayer — that those who’ve been caught up in this religion of lies and violence come to repentance and come to know the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

  3. The Left does what the Left does best, project. They claim to be anti-fascist yet their actions are the very definition of fascism. But they are only partly to blame, the rest falls on their leftist professors who have indoctrinated them.

  4. My observation is you can’t have this both ways. You can’t say states and cities who want to toughen policies (e.g. Arizona) are prohibited because immigration is strictly the purview of the federal government; but on the other hand say states and cities can loosen policies by being “sanctuary cities” and shield people from the federal immigration enforcement.

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