Sceince Dose it Agan!!

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I was washin my Prefesser’s Toylet Paper to Save The Planet it is reely hard “to” do becose i alyaws fall apart “befour” i can hang It Up to dreye whenn he Come in he has got Grate News!!

He sayed “soon thay goin” To has Compueters thay can “deleat” yuor thohghts without yiu Even know it hapens and The compueters thay can reed yuor Mind and aslo Put thuhghts In! He sayed boy “That “is” jist” fan tastic! “Thay can” take all The Bad thouhgts out and Put good thoohghts in!

Do yiu seee waht this meens!? Noboddy thay wont has no bad thuhhgts anymore! Us Intellecturals whoo are Smart we wil de-side waht Ordrinary “dum” peple thay wil “Think from” now on!! thay wil ownly Think watever thuohgts we lett Them think!! It wil bee lyke al of them thay are In “sensativvity trainin al” the tyme Evry day!!! So now “thay wil” al beleave in Climbit Change and Gender Fludity and Woorld Govermint! and aslo thare wont Be “no moore” christins and evry boddy wil suport A Wimmin’s Rihght To chose!

So yiu see it “is” jist lyke we alyaws Say, that Sceince it alyays has Got the Antser! and oncet We gets al “them ” Peple plugged In To the compueters thare Wont “be no” moar Questoins neether!!!

7 comments on “Sceince Dose it Agan!!

  1. But, but, but, we have been told that “thinking” is unauthorized. So why oh why do they want to give us “thoughts”? Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, I don’t know what to think — I mean feel — about this! 🙂

  2. Maybe you’ll be the first one to test this out, Joe. The only problem is, how will you know?

    1. Good point. Joe, you are the perfect subject for such a test. Now, it’s Friday, and I think you deserve a fine handkerchief after such a hard week’s work in the challenging field of interlectualism.

    2. Do you suppose we could find him a handkerchief that’s embroidered? Do they even embroider them anymore?

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