Cartoons Didn’t Get Better

Just so you can better appreciate what Max Fleischer was able to do with cartoons in the 1920s, here’s “Clutch Cargo,” which debuted in 1959. They made the lips to move with a process called “syncro vox”–but nothing else moved. More like suspended animation than animation.

6 comments on “Cartoons Didn’t Get Better

  1. These cartoons I don’t recall, but I’ve seen this process in oher animations – if w can call them that. Odd looking – like a talking greeting card.

  2. I’m sure they thought they had come up with a wonderful new technology, which saved them a load of work. Just a still picture and apply the app. Even the response shot was still.

  3. Clutch Cargo! Bleccch! And Phooey! Is all I can say about those cartoons. I watched them but I didn’t like the method of cartooning that was used. I was used to seeing the older style found in the older Disney and Looneytoon crafted beauties. And those cartoons were beauties of painstaking craftsmanship. Snow White, the Disney original, is an artistic gem. My husband and I went on a movie date and watched it.

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