Joe Collidge Hates This Blog

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Man I hate this blogg!! I hate them religgius “hims” and i hate them prares and i hate “al” the hat speach and Biggitry that stopid guy he “has” in this blogg!

And i hate “al that” stopid aminal stufff too! Like yeasterdday he have this stopid Arcticle “abote” some kind of Kimono Draggin it bited “some” guy’s leg. Waht a lode of Anti-sceince poo-poo!! Bille Niy he is Rihjght, we “must” awlyays lissen To Sceince and do “waht” Sceince says and Sceince it sayes thare isnt “no sutch” thing as no Kimono Draggin!

Yiu know waht he is doin? it is al “parrt of” him Climbit Change Denile! He “is tryin” To Scar ordrinary dum peple into Beleaving “in” draggins so thay wil Becolm christins and be anti-Sceince like him!! This hear is Whatt hapens when yiu Not a Interllutural and yore brane it dosn’t Work rihjght! that is Whye evry boddy whoo dont “go To” collidge thay shuld Go to jale “insted”!”

Im so Up-set, i wil prey to Pressadint Obamma that he Wil Come back “and” shut down This hear stopid blogg “four Good!!””

8 comments on “Joe Collidge Hates This Blog

  1. Now, now, now, Joe. Not all dragons look like the ones in story books. Find a school pal, a fellow interlectual that knows how to read, and check out some old National Geographic magazines.

    Once you see these, you will want to go straight to Indonesia and commune with them. Something tells me that giant reptiles would be the perfect companions for you. You have similar levels of intellect and you both seem to react relexivly, so you should get along just fine. 🙂

  2. Know what, Joe? I don’t care much for you either. Your stupid ideas get on my nerves, and I hate your bigotry against our Creator, our worship and prayer, and your sorry lack of wisdom and common sense are
    disgusting, so bug off. There, how do you like “them” apples.

    1. I hope we’re not taking these little satires seriously, are we?
      The hardest thing about writing them is to keep Joe ahead of the prevailing curve in liberalism.

    2. It’s hard to stay ahead of that stuff. Just when you think you’ve heard ’em all, someone comes up with a new one. Myself, I love your Joe Collidge pieces. These days, we all need a good laugh.

  3. Your complaints are typical of a guy with moth antenners growing out of his head and who eats socks and hankies for lunch. Maybe you should ask your perfesser for a pacifier and a bonnet. And if yer so smart, why don’t you know about these animals? Maybe yer making fun of yer own ancestors – and if you keep taking those hormones, you might find out!

  4. Hear, hear. Listen up, Joey, Linda has some good advice for you. And,
    furthermore, get over yourself.

  5. Yeah, you have to watch out for those kimono dragons, or you get scooped up in their wide sleeves or tangled in their obis. 🙂

    1. I think that the Komodo and Joe Collidge are a perfect pair. They both have similar intellects and I bet their breath smells about the same too. 🙂

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