You’ve Never Seen a Hamster Do This Before!

Short but superb! Watch the light-grey hamster who keeps hopping into the big dish. And then see what he does next. He is obviously doing it on purpose. I think he likes it.

Do these little guys have a sense of fun, or what?

6 comments on “You’ve Never Seen a Hamster Do This Before!

  1. That does look like fun, but probably wouldn’t scale to human-sized creatures very well.

    God sure knows how to make some cute and funny critters. 🙂

  2. Is there a circus nearby? This little guy put me in mind of Mr. Jingles from ‘The Green Mile’.

  3. Something new every day in the animal kingdom. Entertainers and show-offs having fun. I just saw a neighbor’s cat walking around in our yard followed closely by a magpie. Never saw a bird trying to catch a cat before.

    1. Magpies are strange birds. I’ve seen them taunt cats and seeemingly invite disaster, but they always seem to get away in time. I think that they are bold by nature and love to see just how far they can push matters. There was a kid in my grade school that acted the same way. 🙂

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