I’ve Been Interviewed on TV

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My back was playing me up this morning, so instead of playing basketball, I walked to the Y for a shower.

As on my weary way I plod, I spied a host of axolotls. Oops, wrong line. Actually, I was accosted by a New Jersey News reporter and her camerman, and asked what I thought of Jabberin’ Jim Comey’s latest remarks about our president.

I replied by blowing a raspberry. “Democrat politics!” I said. “Remember what it was like ten years ago, with Bush Derangement Syndrome? Those people were crazy then, and they’re crazier now.

“Comey deserved to be canned. He can’t stop running to the camera. He was supposed to be an FBI director, not a reality show.” And so on. We’ll see if I survive the cutting room. I mean, some guy with a Genghis Khan T-shirt and no respect for the Democrat Party–think they want that on TV?

Along the way I also saw a chipmunk–not very common around here–and the world’s biggest painted turtle sunning herself on the grassy shore of Tommy’s Pond. And a couple of huge, gorgeous carp.

God’s stuff works better than TV.

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  1. Way to go, Lee, and a big ATTABOY! Hopefully they will have the courage to air your comments, If they do, please share a link with us so we can watch! 🙂

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