The Hypocrisy is Deafening

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I have remembered to write my Newswithviews column this week, and am researching it this morning.

In the course of my research, I had occasion to visit the American Civil Liberties Union website (

There we are exhorted to “become a freedom fighter… Take a stand for what you believe in.”

Oh, wait, hold it. You’re also urged to “push back against xenophobia” and “fight relentless attacks on reproductive freedom.” “Xenophobia” is the forbidden desire to preserve one’s country as one’s country and not melt it down, through unrestricted illegal immigration, into a multicultural puddle of failure. And “reproductive freedom” is abortion.

So, do they want you to “take a stand for what you believe in,” if what you believe in is protecting unborn babies from the abortionist, or securing America’s borders? No, no, no–“Not if you believe in that stuff!”

Probably the ACLU slogan should read, “You take a stand for what I believe in, or else!” We’ll sue you, man, we’ll shut you up, we’ll shut you down. They want to “defend free speech and the right to protest”; but we are at liberty to disbelieve them.

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  1. That’s the crux of the matter. The Left believes that freedom means the freedom to agree with their agenda and no other options should be considered valid. They are not liberals in any true sense of the word. In fact, they are the very opposite of a true liberal.

  2. Correct. There is nothing in their mind-set that indicates any such far-out idea as freedom for all. It is “my way or the highway”. Ridiculous notions of shutting down a farmer’s right to “slaughter” innocent animals. (quoting one of these geniuses, “why can’t they just get their food at the grocery store like everyone else.” DUH nuff said.

    1. As one “student” once declared to R.J. Rushdoony, “Food just *is*!” Meaning, I suppose, it just appears in the supermarket by magic. No one has to grow it or raise it or transport it.

  3. “become a freedom fighter… Take a stand for what you believe in.”

    Reminds me of doublespeak, “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength”. They love to name things the exact opposite of what they really are. They are masters of creating a certain narrative, or perspective, but a perspective isn’t the truth.

  4. By the way, Lee, as if Facebook weren’t enough, I’ve been noticing a slowing down of certain emails appearing in my inbox – sometimes not arriving until the following day. Google, along with Facebook – and even YouTube – are beginning to make decisions as to what we can and cannot be exposed to. Your last two posts didn’t arrive in my email box yet. I just happened to see them when I visited for one of the earlier articles today. Interesting . . . And yours are not the only ones I find this problem occurring with, but the subject matter is similar – conservative, God-centered, pro Israel etc.

    1. Indeed, Unknowable. I’m watching President Trump’s visits to Saudi Arabia, Israel and The Vatican very closely, too. Methinks this is an interesting itinerary.

    2. I think it’s possibly quite significant.

      Trump is a dealmaker, there’s no doubt about that. Perhaps he can break the deadlock. (Notice I did not say, that he would make peace.) I think it’s significant that he spoke to the Saudis before anyone else. They are commonly perceived to be bankrolling much of what is happening with regard to Islam, in all of its forms.

      It’s also significant that he recently spoke to Erdogan. Turkey is an up and coming force and is moving away from their secular ways. I expect them to be a major player in the events of the near future.

    3. Call me cynical, but not only is the order of his visits noteworthy, but every president has visited with the then current pope. This one, however, may bear a bit more scrutiny – the first Jesuit pope.

    4. Saudi Arabia has been a U.S. ally since World War II. Not always the kind of ally we most liked to have; but that’s the Middle East, and anyone who wants to wait for an enlightened, republican, free country there to be our ally is going to have a very long wait indeed.

      Israel has been a U.S. ally since 1948. We have not always been the kind of ally Israel would most desire.

      As for the Pope–well, every president visits the Pope.

      If by some unforeseen adroitness Donald Trump is able to build an anti-ISIS, peace-seeking coalition in the Middle East, that would be quite an achievement. The only countries I would trust even a little bit would be Israel, Egypt, and Jordan.

      But he has to work with what actually exists.

    5. Saudi Arabia is also the breeding ground of terrorists, along with Iran, of course.

  5. All I can add is that, when it comes to the Middle East, almost nothing is what it appears on the surface. Before I believed that Israel was prophetically significant, the whole thing seemed impossible to understand, but since changing my viewpoint on this matter it all makes sense. If Israel truly exists as a part of Hod’s purposes, then it makes sense that nations with different gods would react against Israel.

    Press releases from the White House regarding this visit are using the term “Jerusalem, Israel” to describe where the president is. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first official acknowledgment of Jerusalem as being part of Israel. I would say that the die is cast at this point. There may not be immediate trouble, but Donald Trump has taken a stand on a very controversial matter and you can be certain that there are plenty of people taking note of this.

    I imagine that visiting the pope is a political necessity for any U.S. president, given the number of Catholics in the U.S. Any president has to build and maintain support in order to function. I don’t find this pope even slightly impressive, but were I the Pres’ I’d probably do the same. Being the leader of a large country with greater than average civil liberties doesn’t equate to much freedom for the president himself. There are some things he simply must do. I expect some wan statements regarding cooperation, but little, if any, else.

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