How Do You Get Kittens to Do This?

I give up! I’ve never had a kitten or a cat who played this tickle-my-belly-and-Peek-a-boo game. I’ve tried. They either just lie there and purr, or get up and walk away, or look at me like they wonder what’s the matter with the stupid human.

P.S.–Did you know most lizards will go to sleep, or into a kind of trance, if you rub their bellies?

14 comments on “How Do You Get Kittens to Do This?

  1. They’re so cute! My favorites are the kitty who figured out how to get downstairs with little effort and the exercise kitty who was also learning how to dance without getting to her feet 🙂

  2. I’ve played that game with kittens on more than one occasion. I think it’s age related. Either that, or I just have the touch.

    I didn’t know that about lizards, but I have no trouble believing it. I’ve seen snakes go into a state that seems much deeper than sleep. They are simple creatures with a simple job assignment from their Creator, so I imagine that they are wired pretty simply, too.

    1. It could be both – age related AND you have the touch 🙂

      I do hope the weather is cooperating with your travel and that you’re able to enjoy some of the breathtaking scenery our God has graciously given to us. Glad to see you 🙂

    2. I’m in my beloved home state of Colorado tonight, headed further east tomorrow. The scenery is quite gorgeous. I drove a route that is new to me, through some very interesting scenery, low mesas and occasional rock formations. I would love to know more about the Flood, ’cause it sure seems to explain a lot of the terrain. While I love the Colorado Rockies, my first love has always been the plains of eastern Colorado (where I am right now) and the amazing terrain found here.

      Global warming has become so extreme that it’s only 52 degrees outside and Trail Ridge Road, a highway that crosses the Great Divide, has yet to open for the season. Usually it’s ready to go by Memorial Day, but that global warming is tricky stuff. 🙂

    3. There’s nothing quite like ‘coming home’ My niece lives in Colorado, and my sister who is a registered nurse and a midwife went to midwifery school in Colorado. They both really love it.

      Be careful of that global warming stuff as you go. We don’t want you to freeze 🙂

      We in Western New York are experiencing global warming, too. It’s been unseasonably cold with much rain. Not pleasant for a gal from South Florida who’s cold anywhere below 75 degrees 🙂

    4. If this global warming gets any worse, I’ll have to turn in my rental car and get a 4×4 with aggressive snow tires.

      FWIW, my not so beloved state of residence, Arizona, has been bouncing between seasonable weather and unusually cold weather all year. Many days, the view out my office window includes skies that would seem more appropriate to Seattle. I have seen many years, in Arizona, when there were no clouds whatsoever from October through to June, but lately it has not been that way. The last few years have been cloudier, cooler and rainier, at least in my corner of AZ.

    5. New Jersey in May, 2017–two brutally hot days, 90+ degrees, and all the rest of the time, pretty damn cold. We haven’t yet been able to put away our winter coats.

    6. It’s been like that in AZ as well. I usually quit heating for the season, sometime in March, the residual heat of the day being more than adequate to keep things pleasant at night. This year, I heated into May. It’s bizarre, but the bizarreness stems from cold, not heat.

    7. Sounds very similar to the weather here. For the past few years, I keep asking where summer is – it never really seems to show up in full force. A few days at a time, but not as warm and sunny as it should be.

      My brother lived in Mesa for quite a few years before moving to Northern Alabama. Although he said it was a beautiful place, he thought the heat was too dry. I’m not so sure that’s a bad thing – at least for a heat seeker like me 🙂

      Rest well. Blessings and safety as you continue on.

    8. It’s been strange, to say the least. A little over a year ago, I was caught in a freak snowstorm on my way home from Tucson. I happened to be driving a low-slung roadster with wide tires (which float above the snow and never dig down to the pavement), so that was a scary drive. Such weather was totally unprecedented in my experience. We ended up with 4-6 inches of snow, which is unheard of.

      I used to seek heat, but I truly miss snow and cold these days. Sports car notwithstanding, I would love to move away from the heat and dryness. I don’t believe that it’s been healthy for me.

    9. It’s true that the cold weather kills off many germs and unwelcome insects, butI think no matter where we live, there will be positive and negative things about it – but only until Jesus returns and makes all things new. Come Lord Jesus!

      I’m sure you’ve checked in on Kitty by now. Hope she’s faring okay 🙂

    10. Arizona is horrid for allergies. People moved there for the dry, pollen-free atmosphere, but they brought all of their northern species of plants along for the trip, so now it’s quite bad. I am treated for allergies on an ongoing basis and always feel better when I leave.

      I wonder what the earth will be like when restored. It seems that the Flood made drastic changes, not only to climate, but quite possibly to topography. Will the earth even be recognizable after the restitution? I don’t claim to know, but I sure wonder about it. Apparently the Flood involve significant seismic activity; will those changes be reversed? I love the topography of Colorado, but perhaps even its grandeur is only temporary.

      I can’t imagine how Adam & Eve lived. They started out unclothed, which sounds like warm weather, to me. I live in a pretty warm place, and most of the year it would be too cold at night without clothing. One can only wonder what objects they had, how they lived, where they slept and how their lives were ordered.

      I did call to check in on Her Royal Highness, earlier today. She started out hostile to her sitter, even though it is someone she knows and likes. Apparently she is calming down a bit, but I think she’s quite annoyed about my leaving.

  3. All creation groans awaiting His return and the restoration of all things. Sometimes I think about what it might look like and be like, and I realize we couldn’t possibly imagine what God has in store for us. But oh what a day! Speaking of Adam and Eve, I find it awesome that even though they disobeyed, it was God Himself who made them their first clothing!

    1. I’ve concluded similarly. Just as a fish cannot conceive of life without being in water, we can’t conceive of what it would be like to live without being in a fallen state, because we don’t really know the full effect of that state.

      There are places in this earth which are quite hostile to humans. The polar regions are not possible to survive, unless we have significant clothing and shelter. The hot sun claims several victims every year in Arizona. Just getting lost in the desert while on foot can be fatal at the height of summer. I can’t imagine that our Creator planned things this way from the start.

      God is very kind. He has shown extraordinary patience with humankind over the years. He stood against true evil, such as the Moloch worship in Canaan, but for the vast majority of humans over the years He has been a loving provider.

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