At Odds With My Computer

I’m not going to go as far as the frustrated man in this video, but I’m sure I know how he feels.

Yesterday Firefox stopped connecting with anything, and I do mean anything. By evening it was denying me access to my own blog: displaying nothing but a page totally blank except for a WordPress logo.

So I switched over to Internet Explorer, and there discovered that “Volume control for youtube has been disabled.” All my hymns and other videos were now in pantomime. I can’t find any hymns done in semaphore, nor any readers who know semaphore. Patty fixed that problem for me.

But why had the volume control been disabled? “Well, heck, we just thought it’d be cool to mute all your videos…”

Now I’ve switched to Google. I would rather not have done so, but it’s getting so that you need a different browser for each and every operation. It’s like buying a car that will only run on gas from Amoco and cannot be driven on any street with a “G” in its name.

To me it’s beginning to look like the whole computer world is nothing but a high-tech Dogpatch, with software designed by L’il Abner. Only his might work better.

Not to mention being stuck at the Social Security office all morning and into lunchtime, trying to finalize the paperwork needed for Aunt Joan’s continued care at the nursing home. We have been told it’s all but finished now. We have been told that before, but this time maybe it’s true. This has taken, so far, six months, about 25 pounds of paper, and innumerable trips to different banks and government offices. If they’re trying to drive us crazy, they’re doing a mighty good job of it.

Can I please get back to work on my book sometime?

4 comments on “At Odds With My Computer

  1. As to the browser issues, I’m clueless – unfortunately, since I’ve had my share of problems with them too.

    As to the inordinate amount of time, paperwork and government offices – I think it’s by design, just to wear us down so that we’ll just go away. Bureaucrats are, for the most part, there to discourage us – and for that they get paid.

    1. Actually, the guy who finally saw us was friendly and helpful–very nice. It just took all morning to get to talk to him.

  2. Sometimes I think “high tech” means the designers were high when they wrote the program.

  3. LOL – when it happens to someone else. Low tech, high price. After my computer was healed from its ‘blue screen’ malfunction, I watch several ‘instructional’ videos on how to solve this problem on my own. One showed a guy carefully and studiously instructing us how to “fix” a blue screen by using a computer WITH a blue screen. Unfortunately, near the end of his video, his comp still didn’t work. He then picked up a hammer and spent several minutes beating the computer to death-by-a-thousand-cuts. Funny thing though – the comments on the other ‘instructional’ videos were mostly complaints that their instructions didn’t work either.

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