Chelsea: A Bigger Lib Fascist Than Her Mother

Okay, you deplorables, listen up! This is what the Democrat Party is grooming to become our president.

Like all liberals, she considers any opinion but hers to be “not an opinion” and therefor not entitled to a hearing. She dismisses all opposition by the time-tested liberal expedient of name-calling. So if you’re not with her, you’re “xenophobic” (wanting to secure our country’s borders and preserve its character) and also homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, and everything else that her government must punish and eradicate.  P.S.–you are also a biggit. And she’s got to shut you down.

Whatever else you might think of Donald Trump, he’s not her.

Why do I even post this horrific video?

Because we must never forget what we’re up against–and never, ever let Democrats take power. Never, ever again.

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