Does the President Have to Do What an Actor Tells Him?

Leonardo DiCaprio has spoken, and to hear is to obey!

Any minute now, President Donald Trump is expected to announce his decision on whether the U.S. remains a party to the international Big Fat Boondoggle climate change treaty. And DiCaprio, actor and self-proclaimed climate savior, has called on him to “make the moral decision to protect future generations” (

Who, then, will protect future generations from liberals?

An important point to remember is that “Global Warming” is a hoax. It is being used as a tool to strengthen government at our expense.

Yeah, but Leonardo once made a movie about a beach! He must know what he’s talking about!

Don’t you love it when liberals, who spend every day working to tear down what’s left of our morality, demand that we “make the moral decision” to obey them and let them have their way?

How big a load of 100% pure crapola is this? Well, check out how they try to explain record cold temperatures currently prevailing in Europe:

“Lack of heat.” Hot diggity-dog.

This just in: Resisting pressure from all the world’s big shots, our president, Donald Trump, has announced that the U.S. will withdraw from the Paris Climate Treaty. Thank you, Lord! The president has left the door open for renegotiating the treaty in terms more advantageous for America’s economy–but what matters here is that the global government mob isn’t getting what it wants.

21 comments on “Does the President Have to Do What an Actor Tells Him?

  1. Maybe he gathered some of his ‘knowledge’ while he was on the Titanic. These Hollywood types with their pompous know-it-all attitudes are really getting quite tiresome. A little ‘practice what you preach’ would be refreshing – but the rules are only for we the peons. UGH!

    1. I’ve heard DiCaprio and his crew made a real shambles of the beach at Phi Phi Island while they were making their movie. It figures.

    2. That’s not a surprise. Rules and common decency don’t apply to them. Hot shots are notorious for ruining hotel rooms too.

  2. Wait. First we had global warming. Then we had climate change. Now we have lack of heat? They’re insane!

  3. By the way, Lee, President Trump is on television right now announcing pulling out of the Paris Accord. Hollywood will be apoplectic!

  4. These people would not recognize morality if it struck them right in the kisser. They should give it a try some time. Maybe sneak up on it a little at a time, like no more lies? They have been playing pretend too long
    to be able to fathom truth and morality. Hush up, kiddies and behave yourselves.

  5. One thing I find troubling in our age is the conflating of fame with importance. Leonardo DiCaprio is famous, but that sows not make his opinions any more important than those of someone less famous. He see,s to be truly convinced of his opinions regarding the climate, but is there something . . . anything . . . in his background, which grants him authority in the matter. There is more than a little disagreement in the scientific community on this issue, so why is Leonardo the person that decides the matter?

    Well, he doesn’t decide the matter for me. I have looked into it and come to the conclusion that the advocates of human-caused climate change are selecting their source information carefully to support their conclusions.

    My OPINION, and it is simply that, and opinion, is that there is far more to the earth’s ecosystem than human activity. As a case in point, no one has ever adequately explained to me why the chlorine atoms coming out of volcanoes were harmless to the ozone but the chlorine in Freon was harmful. IMO, it was a matter of selective interpretation of data.

    For some time, certainly at least twenty years, I have been of the opinion that global warming/climate change was being used as a blind for an overriding goal of hobbling the economy of the US. But then again, I’m not even famous, so why should anyone listen to my opinions? 🙂

    1. Surely I’m not alone in valuing your opinion Unknowable. You are diligent in your study of a matter, giving much more credence to your opinion than any coming out of Hollywood.

    2. Thanks Linda. Unfortunately, many people today think that if someone is on TV or in a movie that their opinions are automatically valid. I have a real problem with celebrities thinking that they have the right to impose their opinions on the world. I can think of numerous actors and musicians whom I respect for their art but who are politically and ethically 180 degrees from me. Just because someone is gifted in the arts should give them no advantage with regard to publishing their opinions or having them taken seriously.

    3. LOL. Of course, Lee. 🙂

      But the truth of the matter is I do value Unknowable’s opinion, and I know others here, including yourself, do as well.

    4. If he didn’t, I’m pretty sure he does now 🙂 Although we’ve made it clear when he announces upcoming brief absences how much he’d be missed.

    5. How dare you come in here with your not-famous opinion? Dude, I was saving this space for DiCaprio, man!
      *sigh* Pew Research took a poll a few years ago, asking high school kids what they wanted to be as adults. (Note I do not say, “When they grow up,” because if they go on to collidge, that will never happen.)

      The most common answer was “Famous!” Just “famous,” that’s all. Famous for what, didn’t seem to matter.

    6. Many of them will be famous – leading men and leading ladies insofar as they are so easily led. Sad state of affairs.

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