Does the President Have to Do What an Actor Tells Him?

Leonardo DiCaprio has spoken, and to hear is to obey!

Any minute now, President Donald Trump is expected to announce his decision on whether the U.S. remains a party to the international Big Fat Boondoggle climate change treaty. And DiCaprio, actor and self-proclaimed climate savior, has called on him to “make the moral decision to protect future generations” (

Who, then, will protect future generations from liberals?

An important point to remember is that “Global Warming” is a hoax. It is being used as a tool to strengthen government at our expense.

Yeah, but Leonardo once made a movie about a beach! He must know what he’s talking about!

Don’t you love it when liberals, who spend every day working to tear down what’s left of our morality, demand that we “make the moral decision” to obey them and let them have their way?

How big a load of 100% pure crapola is this? Well, check out how they try to explain record cold temperatures currently prevailing in Europe:

“Lack of heat.” Hot diggity-dog.

This just in: Resisting pressure from all the world’s big shots, our president, Donald Trump, has announced that the U.S. will withdraw from the Paris Climate Treaty. Thank you, Lord! The president has left the door open for renegotiating the treaty in terms more advantageous for America’s economy–but what matters here is that the global government mob isn’t getting what it wants.