Thank You, Mr. President!

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It’s actually amazing, to see a president of the United States stand with the people who elected him. We are so used to being betrayed, ignored, insulted, etc. So when the president sides with us instead of with our predators, we are temporarily speechless with surprise.

But that’s what President Donald Trump did yesterday, when he announced that he would pulled the United States out of the bad joke that is the Paris Climate Treaty. A president siding with the American people! Almost unheard-of.

That treaty, by the way, was never ratified by the Senate as it ought to have been, but slid through via executive order,  courtesy of the last joker in the White House.

Now won’t the liberals, statists, globalists, and climate-mongers be mad!

Every villain on earth is going to be plotting to take our president’s scalp: the only ally he has is the American people. He stood by us; now we must stand by him.

O Lord our God, thank you for giving us this man to be our president! Guide him, and protect him from his enemies. In Jesus’ name, amen.

P.S.–I know this is impossible for liberals to perceive or understand, but nevertheless I’ll repeat it: Not one of the big shots who is pushing Climate Change/Global Warming acts for one minute like he believes what he’s selling. Not one! And if they don’t believe it, why should we?

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  1. Unless they can take the United States down – like George Soros said – they’ll have a very difficult time bringing in their version of the Tower of Babel, a one world government (an religion).

    And you’re right, Lee. If they actually believed their own rubbish, they’d surely stop applying such a heavy ‘carbon footprint’.

  2. Actually, President Trump has the support of slightly less than half of the American people. And by leaving the Paris Accord, we have become one of only three nations in the world who repudiate it. The other two? Syria and Nicaragua.

  3. Your conservative inaccurate bombast aside… the Paris Treaty is in fact a non-binding agreement (stated over and over and over and over by the mainstream press, and does not require Senate approval.

    Do your homework here…

    “The Paris agreement is none of these things. In the United States, as a matter of domestic law, it is an executive agreement, binding only on President Barack Obama’s administration. An executive-legislative agreement would have the same status as a treaty, except that a treaty must be ratified by two-thirds of the Senate, whereas an executive-legislative agreement must be adopted by the Senate and the House under the same rules that apply to all domestic legislation. An executive agreement made by one administration is not necessarily binding on its successor, but it would have to be explicitly repudiated.”

    Hence, what Trump just did can be reversed by the next president.

  4. “Not one of the big shots who is pushing Climate Change/Global Warming acts for one minute like he believes what he’s selling.”

    Nailed it, Lee.

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